10 Lessons I’ve Learned in One Year of Marriage

Life Lessons learned from one year of marriage.

The beginning of August marks an important time in mine and my husband’s lives – tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary! It’s hard to believe we are already celebrating one year of marriage.

Life Lessons Learned from One Year of Marriage

As our anniversary approaches, we are also in the midst of some new life changes. At the end of June, my husband was offered a new, amazing job on the other side of the state. We ultimately decided that it was too good to pass up and decided to forgo our carefully laid plans to stay in West Michigan forever and most to the east side.

Since he is a teacher, his official start date is not until the beginning of the school year in September, which gives us a little more time to get our ducks in a row and prepare to move. We found a house in a cute lake town, and after a long, stressful process, are finally in the home stretch.

Moving to a completely new area represents a new season of life for us, and it coincides nicely with the celebration of our first year of marriage.

Life Lessons Learned from One Year of Marriage

These past few months have been filled with every emotion in the book. Sadness as we prepare for our final weeks in this small little town that we never thought we’d love, excitement to move into our new house, and nerves surrounding a new job.

I’ve spent the past few weeks in a more reflective state than usual. I love to run without music so I can really think and experience my surroundings, and these past few runs have been filled with thoughts and lessons that I’ve learned.

Amidst this crazy season of life, I am especially grateful for running. Running has given me clarity at the times I most needed it, helped calm my emotions when I let them get the best of me, and given me a sense of stability while everything else is changing.

Even so, throughout all this running, I’ve learned the most from our one year of marriage. This past year presented challenges that I wasn’t sure how to overcome, new experiences, and many, many moments of bliss.

Life Lessons Learned from One Year of Marriage

Today I want to celebrate our anniversary, this past year, and all of the runs it brought, with these ten life lessons. These are lessons I’ve learned during our one year of marriage, and lessons that I hope to use as life continues to throw us curve balls.

Marriage and running seem to present a similar journey in terms of ups and downs. While some of these lessons may not be the most running related, I want to take today to share these lessons, celebrate our marriage, and continue to improve myself as we enter into our second year.

Life Lessons Learned from One Year of Marriage

10 Lessons I’ve Learned in One Year of Marriage

  1. Hold your tongue – don’t speak out of anger. Give yourself time to process everything before you react. Pick your battles.
  2. A kind word or simple conversation can make someone’s day. It might seem like nothing to you, but can really have an impact on someone else. Take the time to be friendly.
  3. There are people in life who you will never be able to literally repay … always be grateful and remember to tell people when you appreciate them.
  4. Sometimes it’s the most unpleasant circumstances that lead us to what we’ve longed for most.
  5. No matter how much you plan, life will always throw you curve balls.
  6. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This tough season of life will pass and you will be stronger for it.
  7. Sometimes you’ve just got to be flexible. Kick your feet up and relax. Get rid of your to do list. Adjust your plans.
  8. When life gets stale, throw caution to the wind and try something new. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.
  9. Everything is scary the first time you do it. Remember your first day of work? Buying your first car? Making that phone call? Everything that seems mediocre now was scary in the beginning.
  10. Life is not experienced through a phone. Put down your phone and take part in the conversation. Watch the sunset with your own eyes, not a camera.

Life sure has a way of reminding us that we are not in control. But more often than not, those are the moments that lead us to something even bigger and better.

Cheers to year two!

Life Lessons Learned from One Year of Marriage

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