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10 Mile Training Plan: Free PDF for Beginners & Intermediate

Finding a 10 mile training plan is incredibly helpful if you’ve committed to a 10 mile race. A 10 mile run is similar to a 15k, but the slight variation in distance often makes some 15k training plans slightly incompatible with training.

Training for a 10 mile race is a unique experience that many runners pass over when jumping from the 15k to half marathon.

How do I train for a 10 mile run?

10 mile run training plans are similar to those for a 15k. A 15k and 10 mile run fall almost perfectly in between the 10k (6.3 miles) and half marathon (13.1 miles). These races provide the perfect opportunity for runners to test their endurance and asses what type of training will be needed for a half marathon.

Most 10 mile training plans involve similar workouts to those of a half marathon – including strength training, cross training, long runs, easy runs and speed workouts. Following a training plan for a 10 mile run is a great way to stay consistent and build endurance gradually before race day.

How many weeks is a 10 mile training plan?

Most 10 mile training plans are anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks in length. The length of the training plan will vary depending on your base fitness, race goals, and running experience. Many runners who have already completed a 10k will be able to easily make the jump for a 10 mile race.

On the other hand, beginner runners, those who only have 5k experience, or those coming back from a break may need a bit longer to train for a 10 mile race.

Who is the 10 mile training program for?

This 10 mile training plan is perfect for beginner and intermediate runners. Beginners, or runners with only 5k experience, can complete the entire plan by simply skipping the interval portion of the Thursday run.

Intermediate runners will find this 10 mile run training plan is perfect for easing back into a consistent training schedule with some speed workouts to help improve fitness quickly.

Download this free 10 Mile Training Plan for Beginner and Intermediate Runners! Use this 10 mile race training for your best run yet.

Workouts in the 10 Mile Training Plan

Training for a 10 mile race involves a variety of different workouts. Throughout the training plan, you’ll find a few intervals, cross training and different types of runs. Here is what you can expect in the 10 mile training plan.

Easy run

These short, mid-week runs are completed at an easy, conversational pace. They serve the purpose of improving overall running fitness and do not need to be pushed. Pace should be relaxed and about 60 – 90 seconds slower than your goal race pace.

Recovery run

On Friday, you’ll find an optional 2 mile recovery run, or cross training. If you choose to complete the run, these miles should be completed at a very slow, easy pace. These runs help increase overall mileage without contributing to burnout or fatigue, while also stretching out the legs and preparing the body for the upcoming long run.

Long run

Each weekend, there is a long run. This long run is key to successful 10 mile race training, and gradually increases over time before a drop off at the end. Long runs should be prioritized each week and never skipped. The pace for each long run is slow and easy, about 1-2 minutes per mile slower than goal race pace.

This 10 mile training plan will help you prepare for your best race yet!


Every Wednesday, you’ll find a speed workout on the calendar. These workouts alternate between 400 and 800 meter interval repeats. 400s can be completed as one lap around the track, or 0.25 miles when road running.

Now is the time to push the pace and give it your all – each 400 meter interval should be completed at a pace that is about 60 – 90 seconds per mile faster than goal race pace. Complete a warm up and cool down before each interval, as well as a 400 meter/0.25 mile recovery in between each repeat.


Another interval used in speed workouts is an 800 meter (0.50 mile) repeat. This can be completed as two laps around the track, or ½ mile in distance on the roads. 800 meter intervals are significantly faster than easy runs, but not quite as fast as 400s.

Complete each 800 at about 60 seconds faster than goal race pace. This pace should feel sustainable for the duration of the interval, but nothing more. Complete the workout with a warm up and cool down, as well as a ¼ mile recovery after each interval.

Strength Training

Regardless of the goal race distance, strength training is key for long term health and injury prevention. This 10 mile training plan includes weekly strength workouts, which should not be skipped. Strength training helps build muscle, prevent imbalances and improve power on the run.

>> Try this bodyweight Strength Training Workout at home for convenience each week!

This 10 mile training plan will help you prepare for your best race!

Cross Training

Another workout in the 10 mile training plan is cross training. Each week, one day is designated to finding a workout that is not running. This can be swimming, spinning, biking, weight lifting, a sport, or anything else. Use this day to build fitness while giving your body a break from running.


Another key element of any training plan is rest – and it should not be skipped. It is important to dedicate at least one day each week for rest. During the rest day, active recovery activities (such as walking or gentle yoga) can be completed, but it is important to spend time off your feet. Listen to your body and adjust your activity level accordingly.

10 Mile Training Plan

Download your free copy of the 10 Mile Training Plan PDF!

Whether it’s your first time running a 10 mile race or you’re coming back from an off season, this plan will help get you in peak running shape in just 12 weeks.

Download this free 10 Mile Training Plan for Beginner and Intermediate Runners! Use this 10 mile race training for your best run yet.

Training for a 10 Mile Run: 10 Tips

Training for a 10 mile race isn’t for the faint of heart. Regardless of whether you’ve run the distance before or not, it requires commitment and consistency to accomplish double digits. Here are a few tips to help you conquer a 10 mile running plan.

  • Stay consistent
  • Don’t skip workouts
  • Take things easy – unless otherwise noted
  • Make time for stretching and recovery
  • Warm up and cool down before speed
  • Listen to your body
  • Check for muscle imbalances
  • Pay attention to pain and soreness
  • Incorporate other healthy habits
  • Prioritize fueling and hydration

This 10 mile training plan will set you up for success at your next race! Whether you’re testing the waters before a half marathon or making the leap after a 5k, conquering 10 miles is something worth celebrating.

More tips for 10 mile training:


Wednesday 28th of June 2023

Newbie question here, on Wednesdays when you do the speed workouts it also has a mileage listed. Are the speed workouts a part of that mileage or should they be done in addition to the mileage? Thanks!

Runnin' for Sweets

Thursday 29th of June 2023

Hi there! Yes, the speed workouts are part of the mileage! The mileage listed is the total distance to be completed -- the speed work should be completed in the middle of that run, with a warm up and cool down added to get to the total distance. Hope this helps! :)