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10k Challenge | Printable 30 Day Training Plan for a 10k

This 10k Challenge is the perfect way to improve your running fitness and increase mileage in just 30 days. Whether you’ve already conquered a 5k or are looking to achieve a difficult running goal right off the bat – this challenge will help you do so in just one month.

How does the 10k Challenge work?

The 10k Challenge is simple: each day there is a scheduled run or workout. Simply complete the running distance or a workout as planned to improve your fitness and gradually increase your endurance.

This challenge requires only that you are able to run about ½ mile to begin with. It is perfect for beginners just getting into the sport but hoping to quickly increase their stamina.

By the end of the 30 days, you will run 6.2 miles to complete a 10k! Whether you run the distance on your own or sign up for a 10k race that’s 30 days away is up to you. This 10k Challenge can be used as a training plan for race day, or completed entirely on your own to achieve your running goals.

What workouts are in the 10k Challenge?

Most days in the 10k Challenge designate a certain mileage to run. However, every 2 – 3 days there is either a different workout or a rest day scheduled. The purpose of these off days is to help prevent injuries, overtraining, and to give your body a chance to recover.

These are the workouts you’ll find in the 10k Challenge:

  • Running — beginning with a ½ mile run, working up to 6.2 miles on day 30
  • Strength training — try this bodyweight strength workout to complete at home
  • Cross training — any workout other than running (walking, biking, swimming, elliptical, etc.)
  • Yoga — try this recovery yoga routine to help your body reset from running
  • Rest — take a complete day off or try some active recovery
Download this 10k Challenge PDF for free! Work your way up to running 6.2 miles in just 30 day while increasing strength along the way.

Breakdown of the 10k Challenge

  • Day 1: Run ½ mile
  • Day 2: Run ½ mile
  • Day 3: Strength training
  • Day 4: Run ½ mile
  • Day 5: Run 1 mile
  • Day 6: Run 1 mile
  • Day 7: Rest
  • Day 8: Run 1 mile
  • Day 9: Run 1 ½ mile
  • Day 10: Cross training
  • Day 11: Run 1 mile
  • Day 12: Run 2 miles
  • Day 13: Yoga
  • Day 14: Run 2 miles
  • Day 15: Run 2 ½ miles
  • Day 16: Run 2 miles
  • Day 17: Rest
  • Day 18: Run 2 ½ miles
  • Day 19: Run 3 miles
  • Day 20: Strength training
  • Day 21: Run 3 miles
  • Day 22: Run 3 ½ miles
  • Day 23: Yoga
  • Day 24: Run 4 miles
  • Day 25: Run 4 ½ miles
  • Day 26: Rest
  • Day 27: Run 5 miles
  • Day 28: Run 5 ½ miles
  • Day 29: Rest
  • Day 30: Run 6.2 miles!

>> Download the 10k Challenge PDF here!

This beginner friendly 10k Challenge is perfect for runners who are just getting started or for those looking to increase their distance. The first 10 days of the challenge start with a slow, gradual mileage increase, providing time to adjust and get used to the repeated activity.

The last 10 days of the challenge have the fastest increase in mileage, as the body will have already adapted to the activity, so increasing will be much easier.

Download the challenge for free in PDF form to train for a race or check off one of your bucket list goals!

Is a 10k difficult?

Completing a 10k is moderate running challenge. For new runners or those coming back after a break, the 10k Challenge will feel like quite a pursuit. For seasoned, long distance runners, a 10k might serve as a training race or mid-week run.

What is the average time it takes to run a 10k?

According to Healthline, the average man completes a 10k running at a 9 minute mile pace, while the average woman finishes running at a 10 minute mile pace. This equates to an average finish time of between 55 – 62 minutes.

However, it’s important to note that these averages take in runners of all ages and ability levels. Elite runners bring this average time way down – whereas beginner runners complete the 10k in significantly more time.

This 10k Challenge is perfect for new and beginner runners hoping to quickly accomplish their goals and improve their fitness. Try it this month and see how your running improves!

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