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Why Do We Run? 15 Convincing Reasons to Run Today

There are so many reasons to run. The health benefits, mental benefits, social benefits and physical benefits are too numerous to count. However, even the most dedicated of runners lose motivation at times.

Sometimes we need a reminder of why we run. It’s easy to get caught up in the monotony of a routine and ignore the glamour of running. We tell ourselves I like running, yet can’t find the motivation to get out the door.

Or, on the other hand, maybe you’re looking for some reasons to start running. You’re intrigued by the idea but just can’t quite find the motivation to get started.

“I like running.”

We’ve all likely come across someone who’s shared that they like running. Whether we’re in a tough spot with the sport ourselves or the thought of running sounds miserable, we often find ourselves asking… “why?

Then there are those who identify as a runner, but are dealing with a bit of fallout with the sport. Whether they’ve taken time off due to injury, illness, stress or simply a loss of motivation, taking the time to reflect on the reasons they chose to start running is a helpful way to regain that focus and momentum.

Why do we run?

So… Why do people like running? The answer likely varies from person to person. However, there are many themes that are consistent throughout the list.

While each person finds their own specific reasons to run, the benefits are so numerous that coming up with a list to which we can all relate was easy.

If you’re looking for a reason to run, it’s likely not very difficult to find one. But when you’re in a difficult spot, one reason might just not be enough to get you out the door.

Here are 15 of the best reasons to run TODAY – whether you’re just starting for the first time or are a seasoned runner struggling to get motivated.

These 15 reasons to run will give you all the motivation you need to start running. Learn why so many are saying "I like running" and why you need to start running today!

15 Convincing Reasons to Run

If you’re contemplating starting running, or looking for some motivation to get back in the game, look no further. These 15 reasons to run are all you need to get out there and stay consistent with your efforts. Before you know it you’ll be telling yourself “I like running” and wondering why everyone hasn’t given it a try.

You can run literally anywhere!

As long as you can open your front door, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re at home, at work or on vacation, running can happen anywhere. Running will help you explore new places, experience the seasons, and get a daily dose of fresh air.

The endorphin rush.

You’ll return home with a boost in your mood and a smile on your face! Those natural feel-good chemicals make all the moments of struggle worth it. The biggest answer to the “why do you run” question: the endorphin rush.

You burn calories with each step.

Whether you run at a 16 minute pace or a 6 minute pace, you’ll burn calories with every run. The more you run and the harder you work, the more weight you will lose. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight or simply stay in shape, burning calories is a versatile reason to run.

Nothing compares to experiencing nature firsthand.

Running provides you with the opportunity to explore some faraway places, or get a taste of the beauty right in your neighborhood. No matter where you are and no matter the season, fresh air will do you good.

Running will help you feel confident.

Knowing that you’ve conquered your first mile, run through snowy roads, sticky humidity, or finished a marathon provides a boost to your confidence. There’s no doubt that running requires some hard work and grit, but persevering through your own unique challenges is sure to boost your confidence. Running will show you everything of which you are capable.

A natural way to reduce stress.

Whether you’ve had an argument with your spouse, a tough day at work, a family crisis, or the best day of your life – running gives you an outlet for all those emotions and provides you time to work through them on your own. Finding a healthy method of stress reduction is a powerful reason to run.

Running provides time for YOU.

Alone time… what’s that? Whether you’re a busy parent, hard-working employee or a student, alone time can be hard to find. Running provides time alone with just your thoughts which no one can interrupt. You can think, make decisions, plan, or just enjoy the silence.

You’ll come home with more energy than when you left.

It sounds counterintuitive, right? (“Why do you run?” … “To get more energy!”)

The physical act of running requires so much energy in itself, so how in the world do we return home with more than when we began? While running might exhaust you in a physical way, it refreshes your mind and acts as a reset button for the day.

You will sleep better.

Expending all that extra energy while running will make it easier to fall asleep and increases the quality of the sleep you get.

Gain motivation and focus for the rest of the day.

Whether or not you’re a morning person, logging some miles in the morning is something to consider to help start your day on the right foot (literally). Running can often set of a cascade of positive events: you’ll feel better, become more motivated, focus on tasks and accomplish more. You might even be more willing to make healthy choices.

You’ll feel better.

You’ll get less colds, feel happier, and have a strong immune system. All the exercise will strengthen your cardiovascular system, help you lose weight and increase muscle strength. You will gain tone, vitality and mental strength! Health is usually the #1 reason to run.

You’ll meet the happiest and most inspirational group of people.

Whether you sign up for a race or join a running group, this new hobby will likely cause you to gravitate towards like-minded people. It won’t take long to discover that runners are a resilient group, with an incredible sense of camaraderie. The most inspiring stories and influential people I’ve encountered have been at some sort of running event.

You’ll accomplish a goal.

There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of being able to accomplish a goal after months or years of hard work. Running provides you with infinite opportunities to challenge yourself.

The impossible will suddenly feel possible.

Whatever feels impossible when you begin will suddenly start to feel more realistic and within reach as time passes. With consistent effort, those seemingly impossible dreams or goals you have will begin to feel within reach.

Does it feel impossible to run a mile without walking? Or have you always wanted to run a marathon? Whatever your goals are – running provides you with the opportunity to achieve them.

You’ll get smiles and waves during your run.

Having the support of strangers is a wonderfully motivating feeling. Spread joy out there on the roads!

The reasons to run are endless. If you’re healthy and contemplating heading out for a run: just do it. It is almost inevitable that you’ll feel better when you return.

Running definitely presents its challenges, but nothing worth having comes easy. Those struggles are what make the successes worth it.

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