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Well hello there, it’s hard to believe it’s Sunday again already! I can’t say I’m complaining… only one Sunday left until we are on spring break:) it sure seems like this has been a very dreary week! Winter seems to be back, ironically the week before spring officially arrives, and it has rained, sleeted, hailed, iced and snowed all in the past 5 days here in Michigan. I am more than ready for spring to make it’s official arrival and prepare us for the days of warmth and sunshine that are ahead!

Recovery from the Get Lucky half last weekend has been relatively easy! My right knee was quite a bit sore the day after the half, causing me to limp slightly every time I walked on it. By Monday morning the pain was completely gone and it seemed like it would be smooth sailing as I transitioned into ramping up training for the next 6 weeks before the Gazelle Girl Half in April. I officially have 5 weeks to get it together if I want a PR – yikes that went fast!

I created a new training plan for myself for the next 5 weeks that looks something like this:

Training Plan

Monday and Tuesday were relatively easy days, consisting of cross training (yoga and spin). My legs and body felt just fine these days, just a little bit tired! By Wednesday I was supposed to run 3 miles, but as I got out there to get started, I could feel a dull ache in both of my knees and decided to head back in and swap the run for some cross training before the ache turned into something serious. My knees were by no means in any serious pain, more like the dull ache they get near the end of long runs that reminds me how long I’ve been out there. Just to be safe, I headed inside and did the full IronStrength workout. This was probably better anyways, because it left me sore for the next two days!

On Thursday, I completed the Power HIIT in 20 workout from the new IronStrength DVD. I love these shortened workouts because they are quick to finish but still leave me feeling like I got a good full body workout in! We made homemade Minestrone soup on Thursday night, which was perfect for the gloomy, cold weather we’ve been having.


Friday consisted of a dress rehearsal for the high school’s musical, for which I am playing in the pit orchestra, so there was no workout completed this day. Saturday morning I headed out for my scheduled 6 miles, but that ache in my knees still lingered so I shortened the run to 4 miles. These miles felt fine, other than the knees and the fact that it rained the entire run! Afterwards I finished my Friday workout, Kayla Itsine’s BBG Week 9.


All in all, this was a pretty easy week in terms of workouts! Next week I plan to get back into the runs I have scheduled and have my fingers crossed that my knees will be good to go. With only 5 weeks until the next half I really need to get my act together if I’m thinking of getting a PR!

The highlight of my week this week was discovering a substantial substitution for my nightly bowl of ice cream! Giving up ice cream has been going pretty well so far, I’ve managed to make it through three full weeks ice cream free without cheating. However, the hardest part has definitely been not having it at 8:15 every night, and trying to find something that I can eat for dessert at this time and feel like it’s a satisfying substitution. I think I have found it: carrot cake!


This was unexpected for me, as I spent my entire childhood believing that I hated carrot cake without actually trying it. My mom made one for me last weekend and I have to say, it is phenomenal! I can’t believe I’ve been willingly passing up opportunities to eat this for so many years. After eating her cake I am feeling much more confident in my ability to make it through Lent without cheating! However it is Sunday today, and I am fully planning on indulging in that weekly bowl of ice cream tonight 😉

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday and a great start to Spring this week!


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