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As I sit down to write this post, I am constantly rechecking the date and second guessing myself – I can’t believe it’s April already! March sure flew by. They say time goes by faster as you get older, and that really seems to be true. Each year the weeks and months seems to go by faster and faster, so that by the time I finally get settled in to the season or month, it’s time to change again! I can’t say that I’m complaining right now, as we are at that time of the school year where the kids go stir crazy and can’t seem to get anything accomplished, so all the teachers are desperately counting down the days left until summer.

However at this point, I am no longer counting the days for one reason: SPRING BREAK. Hallelujah. Yesterday was the start of our spring break and I am more than ready for a glorious 9 days of relaxation! We are headed to North Carolina to relax in a house that we rented with a few friends. I can’t say it’ll be all that much warmer or sunnier, but getting away will be nice. We are doing the drive in one day and leaving bright and early tomorrow. If I had a choice I would 100% rather fly (airports are one of my most favorite places in the world:), but I am determined to make this road trip a great one. We’ve got 14 hours in the car tomorrow driving through parts of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC and North Carolina.

I’ve had more time than usual on my hands these past two weeks due to taking so much time off for illness, so I decided to create a list of things I’m currently obsessed with. My personality is very obsessive, so the hardest part about this list was narrowing it down to only ten things.

So, to kick off April, I thought I’d throw in some of my current favorites:

  1. DESSERTS (mainly cakes right now, as I’ve given up ice cream for Lent;)
    • I have always LOVED dessert, but I find that my obsessiveness for them has gotten more ridiculous throughout the years. I try desperately to eat dessert at 8:15 each night and look forward to it all day long (very pathetic, I know;). Lately I have been most obsessed with my mom’s Carrot Cake and Banana Cake… YUM 🙂
  2. Liane Moriarty
    • Ooooh boy, if you haven’t read any of her books you need to buy one today! She is hands down, my favorite author. All of her books are told from different perspectives each chapter, which really keeps things interesting. There’s always multiple versions of the same story going on, and she throws some sort of twist in near the end of the book that has caught me off guard every single time!
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  3. IronStrength
    • I’m loving these workouts when I am too lazy to go anywhere – I bought the new IronStrength DVD, which has quite a few different options of both 20 and 30 minute workouts. These workouts are short, but they still make me feel like I got a legitimate workout in. Not to mention the original, 45 minute IronStrength workout, which will leave me feeling sore for days.
    • img_7674
  4. Chocolate Brownie Clif Bars
    • This flavor of Clif Bars has been my go-to for breakfast for almost two years now. I know I should probably be eating eggs or yogurt, or something with more protein for breakfast, but I just cannot motivate myself to wake up early enough to make this. I have never been a huge breakfast fan either, so I just need something to keep me full. Clif Bars have been the first thing I’ve tried for breakfast that keeps me full almost all the way until lunch time! Plus, it literally tastes like you’re eating a chocolate brownie.
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  5. Cottage Cheese
    • Oh my goodness, besides dessert, cottage cheese is hands down my favorite food. I eat this every day for either lunch, a snack, or both. I think we go through about 3 full size cartons of cottage cheese per week. I don’t think it will ever get old! I love the large curd and it is a great source of protein so I don’t feel bad eating twice the serving size.
  6. The Big Bang Theory
    • We are in the middle of a BBT binge! We’ve been buying the full seasons on YouTube in HD and it is awesome. We are currently on Season 8. The show is so much better when you watch all the episodes in order! I’ve seen most of the episodes on TV already, so most are not completely new when we watch them, but putting them all in order makes so much more sense.
  7. New Running Trails
    • Although I haven’t been able to fulfill this obsession for the past month or so due to the lack of running I’ve been able to do, I am still obsessed with the idea of finding new running trails. I love running out of a neighborhood and finding a trail in a woods nearby, or a school cross country trail, or maybe just a snowmobile trail that is no longer in use now that it’s spring. There is something so calming about running through the woods and discovering new area as you go.
  8. Sunshine
    • Now that spring is officially here and it is now April, I find myself getting more and more excited for summer! I’m not a huge fan of hot weather, but that sunshine sure makes me excited. Something about those blue skies and sunglasses that make it impossible to be in a bad mood. Even just looking out the window at the sun shining away cheers me up and I find myself craving it more and more as we get closer to summer.
  9. Self Improvement books
    • I have been on a reading kick so far in 2017! I’ve been trying to alternate between fiction and nonfiction each book, so I’ve wound up reading quite a few self improvement books that have been surprisingly awesome. Some of my favorites have been about meditation, happiness, becoming your own boss, living creatively, and leadership. I can’t get enough of them, these books are so inspiring!
  10. Sally Hanson Gel Nail Polish
    • I think I may have a slight case of OCD. I’m one of those people that CANNOT stand when I paint my nails and they start to chip. I’ve fought a battle with this ever since high school, as I also can’t stand it when my nails aren’t painted. Because of both these things, I have gone through life painting and repainting my nails every 4 or so days. Until recently! I started using this Sally Hanson Gel Nail Polish and boy oh boy does it make a difference! I’ve found that sometimes I can wear it for two full weeks before a single nail chips. It is truly miraculous. I don’t think I’ll be using anything else for the rest of my life.
    • mg_220_pink_tank_2_0


I could go on an on with my obsessions, but I figured 10 would suffice for now. Now I get to obsess about what to pack for a week long vacation where I’m not sure what we’ll be doing. I’m looking forward to driving through all the different states tomorrow and my goal is to take pictures of all the state signs.

At this point, I have started my comeback to running and working out, but it sure is making it’s way back into my life slowly. I planned to run much more this week, but only ended up truly running for the first time this morning – I ran a slow, 4 miles. The weather is beautiful this morning so I can’t say I am complaining. This is my first run in 2 weeks and it felt good to be back out there! I finished all of Kayla Itsines Week 10 workouts this week and yikes! It sure has been a while. I used to do these workouts religiously, but it has been about 10 months since then, so jumping back in at this level left me feeling sore and sweaty.

Dowagiac (22)

Hopefully this sunshine is surrounding you as well. Have a wonderful Saturday and don’t forget to treat yourself with some dessert tonight. It is officially April, which means winter is over and brighter skies are ahead – that’s something worth celebrating.

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