Sunshine & Saltwater

Good morning and happy Tuesday! It feels so good to be here. We successfully made it to North Carolina after driving for what felt like an eternity. It’s funny how a long road trip seems to go through the same phases as a long run:

  • At the beginning you are so optimistic and excited, thinking this will be much easier than you originally thought.
  • About 3 hours in you start to get tired and lose your initial energy; you’re still feeling like it’ll be pretty easy, but a little worried that you’re tired already and still have so far to go.
  • 6-7 hours into the drive is when the crankiness and hunger first hits. You start to get annoyed by others in the car and feel like the drive should be going by faster.
  • 8 hours in you get a sense of renewed energy and optimism after stopping to eat and go to the bathroom. You feel much better and are ready to pump up the music and finish the drive.
  • At 10 hours in you realize this energy is short lived and you find yourself incredibly irritated with the other drivers on the road. No one talks in the car except to complain about the traffic.
  • 12-13 hours in you become hopeful that you can actually make it. This time is filled with bursts of optimism alternating with bursts of sleepiness.
  • When 15 hours rolls around and you finally make it you are filled with joy! The joy is short lived though, because now you realize that you need to unload your car and discover how much you wish you could just get out and sit down.

This describes our trip to a tee, and I find it funny to think that it also describes every marathon and half marathon I’ve run as well. I have to remind myself that great things come only through hard work, and the reward would be no where near as satisfying if we hadn’t had to suffer a little to get there.

I took yesterday off from running and working out completely after a raging coughing fit the first night we got here. I feel like I am almost completely healed of sickness, but then random nights will catch me by surprise. It’s like a cruel joke! After thinking through the events on Sunday, I believe that my cough may have been made worse from sitting in the hot tub for a few hours. The only thing I can imagine is that the chlorine maybe caused it?! Who knows.

Today I am going to try running on the beautiful trail by the water! I can’t wait to run in this place and my fingers are crossed that it goes well after so long apart. My favorite part of traveling is running in the new area and discovering hidden gems.

I hope your day is filled with sunshine and fresh air!

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