Saturday’s Scenery

Well hello there and happy weekend! We had yesterday off because of Good Friday so this weekend is a long one for us. Our anniversary also fell on Friday so it was perfect timing!

We decided to celebrate our anniversary with a night in one of my favorite hotels in my hometown. The hotel was absolutely beautiful! We had champagne and some excellent treats waiting for us.

We spent the day yesterday playing tennis. The weather was perfect and the temperature was great! It’s really starting to feel like spring now. I played tennis all through high school and really enjoyed it. I took tennis lessons for a few years and then never had much of a chance to play in college. It was so great to get back out there! All the rules came back slowly but surely 😉

After tennis we visited with some old friends. My family moved from where I grew up when I went to college, so I have never really experienced visiting home and seeing old friends around. It sure took me a while to get used to coming home to a place that was not home! I’ve been back to visit a few times, but not in the past two years since I’ve graduated college. It was great to catch up!

We splurged for dinner and went to the restaurant in our hotel. This restaurant is the fanciest in town (granted, it’s not a super fancy town), and our meal was awesome. The wine was the best I’ve ever had.

This morning, per our tradition, we celebrated with an hour long massage. We’ve done this every year on our anniversary and it’s always the best! I don’t get massages very frequently so I always feel so spoiled when we do this.

I told my massage therapist about my elbow issues and she thought it was connected to my upper back and shoulders. Evidently I have many, many knots in my shoulders (I knew I wasn’t going crazy!) and they are connected by a nerve to my arms. She thinks this may be the cause of my inability to straighten my arm.

By the end of the massage she declared that I was “in terrible shape” because of golf ball sized nodes in my back and thinks I should get massages regularly, once a week.

Hmmm, I can’t say I’d be opposed to that.

I can’t even believe how sore I am from that massage but I’m taking that as a good thing! We’ll see how my arms feel tomorrow – I may have inadvertently stumbled upon a solution to my problem.

It is so warm out today! The heat always makes very tired and lazy so we are going to take advantage of it and work on a puzzle tonight. We’ll see if we get it completed in one sitting!

We are going to take advantage of sleeping in tomorrow before it is time for a new week of waking up before the sun. I have 17 days left of waking up at 4:30 until it becomes a habit! It works just like that right, 21 days of repeating something and boom, it becomes easy? 😉

I hope you have a fantastic Easter! My mom has a tradition of making colorful cakes for this holiday so we can’t wait to see what she comes up with tomorrow. Happy Saturday! 🙂

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