Silent (ish) Sunday

Happy weekend!!! We are in the midst of some crummy weather here, which sure has made the weekend feel gloomy. This weekend has been busy (all with fun things though), and unfortunately is flying by! I am savoring every second that I possibly can.

Although it’s been rainy, the flowers are in full swing over here. I’m currently obsessed with taking pictures of the spring sights 😉

We got our race pictures back from the half marathon last Sunday. That’s always one of the things I look forward to the most! I ended up buying them because I thought there were some good ones:)

Our wedding plans are finally starting to feel like they’re coming together! We had our catering tasting and final tour of our venue after its renovations. We officially have double digits left – LESS THAN 100 DAYS!!

Sunrises! Despite the cloudiness lately, I have seen some awesome sunrises on my way to work! I always take these pictures while driving so they’re not the best, but they put a smile on my face.

One of my favorite Easter treats is always my mom’s deviled eggs. I always assumed they were hard to make, but I finally learned this past Easter and successfully made my first batch! The paprika got away from me so they’re not the prettiest, but hey, they work;)


13 days down of working out before work! I still have a while to go before I get my 21 in:)

My fiance’s sister graduated from my alma mater yesterday! Although we graduated over 2 years ago, it’s still weird going back and standing up as alumni. It’s a great day to be a bronco!

Today I am off to a baby shower for one of my friends and then we head to our wedding mock up to check out our decorations! I hope your day goes by slowly in the best way.

Happy Sunday 🙂

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