Three Things Thursday

This Thursday morning has started out as a dreary one, but things are still feeling more optimistic as summer approaches! Here are three things keeping me in a positive mood on this rainy day 🙂

  1. Early morning workouts! I feel like I have been a broken record here lately but I just can’t even begin to explain how much this has helped me. It hasn’t necessarily made my day better, but it sure has made me more optimistic and less upset about things that happen during the day.  As a teacher, it is been so easy for me to get down about how the kids are acting or dread going to certain classes when I know they are going to be tough. That dread has significantly decreased and I feel for the first time in two years (honestly) that I am able to take the day in stride and be in the moment. Waking up has been very tough but I’m finding that after about five minutes it’s easy to be up. The worst part is just rolling out of bed when my alarm clock goes off, and some days are definitely easier than others. But always worth it, I just have to keep that end-of-workout feeling mind. Like Stephen Covey says, “begin with the end in mind.”
  2. I scream for ice creaaaaam 🙂 I have been trying to eat less sugar throughout the day (because I measured out how much I was eating on a daily basis and realized it had gotten out of hand;). This means that instead of coming home from work and gorging myself on leftover Easter candy (peeps, I’m looking at you), I’ve been coming home and eating cottage cheese (which is another obsession of mine so that part hasn’t been bad). This also means saying no to any birthday treats that come around during the day which has been much harder! HOWEVER, I am still treating myself with that daily bowl of ice cream at night. I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of it that I scoop out, as I measured a few weeks ago and realized I was eating nearly 4 times the serving size – oops! This has been going pretty well and cutting back during the day makes me look forward to the ice cream more and feel less guilty while eating it. My fiancé just bought some blue moon which was a pleasant surprise and really brought me back to my childhood!
  3. Wedding planning! We are hitting the three month to go until our wedding mark TOMORROW! I am so excited. When we first got engaged we had nearly 400 days to go, and while I was ridiculously excited, it didn’t feel right to really get thinking about the wedding yet because it was so far off. Now we have 95 days to go and all of our vendors booked! We just got out limo booked and I absolutely cannot wait. We began stuffing invitations last night and saw our table centerpiece mockup this weekend. It’s getting real friends!

Also (this will be thing 3.5) this picture popped up on my timehop yesterday morning and reminded me of one of the joys in running. For anyone that has run a marathon, or just a distance you never thought you could, this rings very true. Running challenges us and allows us to meet goals that we never used to think were possible.

Cheers to Thursday, I hope yours is a little less dreary than here!

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