The Mystery Injury

It’s Friiiiiday, woo! Is it just me or does everything seem easier on a Friday? It’s still a regular workday, but those daily tasks are so much easier with a light at the end of the tunnel.

Today started off bright and early with another Kayla Itsine BBG workout. As I am reintroducing these workouts back into my schedule in between training plans, I am reminded why I benefited so much from them the first time. They are basically like glorified, pre planned strength workouts that I would be trying to incorporate on my own anyways, but these progress each week to become more challenging and always keep your body on its toes. I think they will be very helpful in building a solid base before marathon training begins!

After completing my workout and getting ready for the day, I left the house quickly and turned around right into a post on our porch. This caused me to spill my ENTIRE cup of coffee all over my white fleece and tan pants. It’s definitely one of those days.

Anyways, I have been plagued with this myserious elbow “injury” (I’m not sure if it’s even an injury or what at this point;) since the beginning of October. Yes you heard that right, October. I know I should have gone to the doctor a long, long time ago, so I really have no right to complain. However, at this point it has been around for so long that the frustration has subsided and turned into more of a curiousity.

What the heck could it be? When it first happened, it started in my left elbow and I could barely move it from its crooked position. I couldn’t straighten it all the way, nor could I bend it. This progressed and eventually the elbow became very swollen. After it got worse, it continued to get better until it was gone, and then a few days later began to start in my right elbow. The same thing happened this time; I remember it getting to the point where one of my students has a hearing aid that I need to clip on my shirt and I could not move my arm far enough to clip it on.

This has continued ever since; going back and forth between elbows with a few days of complete range of motion in both arms before it starts in the other. Each month since October it seems to have gotten less severe. Now I forget about it and then realize that it must look strange when o walk around with one arm not quite straight, like it the below picture 😉

I’ve gotten so used to it that I almost forgot it was abnormal, until I went to get a massage and the masseuse kept trying to straighten my arm. I finally told her that that was as far as I could straighten it. She seemed to think that it was due to a tight nerve or muscle that connected from my back to my arm, and when she was massaging my arm she told me that she could feel that the muscles were not releasing.

I didn’t really give this much thought, until this morning when I was doing my weighted lunges. It always hurts to hold a weight by my side in the arm that is acting up, and usually I just make sure not to force my arm straight by holding some of the weight up higher. This time, though, I let the weight drop all the way to my side, and realized that as time went on my arm started to straighten more and hurt less.

Hmmm, maybe it does have something to do with a muscle that needs to release!? I’m sure that I do not have the best form when doing any sort of arm or upper body exercises, so maybe I have been making it worse.

I plan on experimenting with this further and hope that I may be on to something! I felt pretty proud of my Friday discovery this morning and am hoping that I won’t get let down by realizing I was way off 😉 I did contact a doctor’s office (I don’t have a doctor in the area since we just moved here this summer) in hopes of becoming a new patient and getting in for a professional opinion (finally;). We shall see what comes of it!

Have a fantastic Friday! We are in the hope stretch of the week now!

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