Summer Bucket List

As the days get longer and longer, I finally feel justified dreaming of summer. Of course the warmer weather and longer hours of daylight are things I’ve been dreaming about for a while now, but I finally feel like I can talk about it out loud without feeling guilty like I am ‘wishing away the present’, as my mom would say.

One of the many wonderful things about being a teacher is that we get the nicest months of the year off. I love having freedom to explore in the summertime and really make the most out of these months! We are officially down to our last 5 full weeks of school, and with that I am beginning to think about all the things I want to make sure I do this summer.

Here is a list of those things on my Summer Bucket List for 2017.

Things to do in the Summer

  1. Explore new running trails
    • One thing I love about having the summer off is being able to run at any time in the day! While morning workouts have been awesome, I miss seeing the sunshine and being able to run in new places during the week. There is something so refreshing and rejuvinating about trail running and I want to take advantage of all the time and trails in West Michigan!
  2. Compete in a sprint triathlon
    • This was on my list last summer too, but unfortunately I never completed it. I would love to ‘compete’ or just finish a local triathlon. I have never done one before and I think it would be a great way to incorporate cross training into my running plans. I’ll get to researching this soon!
  3. Ride my bike!
    • Last spring I got a new road bike for my birthday, and haven’t gotten to ride in much since we moved here because there aren’t many sidewalks or even shoulders on the roads. I hope to take my bike to some good trails that are nearby and get some quality time with it.
  4. Take a camping trip in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
    • Every summer my fiance and I take a road trip to the UP and stop in many different places to camp. Last year we went to Pictured Rocks, Tahquamenom Falls and Mackinaw Island. The year before we went to Sleeping Bear Dunes. This year we want to go to Marquette! Michigan is truly a treasure, and I feel like there is still so much more to explore even after living here and camping here my whole life.
  5. Experiment with new recipes
    • I am definitely guilty of not cooking during the week. My fiance has taken up a cooking hobby this year and has absolutely spoiled me with his daily dinners! I used to be so creative with my meals but lately have fallen into a rut with them. This summer I want to experiment with all the fresh vegetables and fruits that are in season.
  6. Find nearby hiking trails
    • We bought a book of Michigan hiking trails last summer and started to work our way through it. Now that we are living in a different part of the state, I want to visit some new to us hiking trails that are nearby.
  7. Visit Lake Michigan
    • Lake Michigan is definitely my favorite and I love living only 40 minutes away from it! There are some amazing lake towns on the west side of Michigan and I know that we will be visiting St. Joe, South Haven, and Grand Haven at some point.
  8. Read 3 new books
    • This continues my New Years Resolution to read 15 books this year. So far I have already read 9 and am ahead on where I wanted to be, so I want to see if I can continue this and surpass my goal come December.
  9. Go on a picnic
    • I’ve never really been on a full blown picnic, but for some reason it has been one of those things that I’ve had an urge to do these past few years. I would love to find a good picnic spot and pack a lunch for the afternoon to relax and enjoy the weather.
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  10. Play tennis
    • I played tennis all throughout high school, but haven’t played much since. My fiance and I played some tennis last month when we were celebrating our anniversary and both really enjoyed it. There is a school close to where we live with courts that will be open all summer!
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  11. Have a bonfire
    • This is a classic, but of course it’s a must-do for the summer. We plan to have bonfires on our camping trip and hopefully get a bonfire pit of our own (it’s on our registry;) at some point.
  12. Go Scuba Diving
    • I got my open water certification 5 years ago and absolutely love scuba diving. My parents are both certified by my fiance is not, so the past two years we haven’t been. We usually scuba dive together on our family vacations, and this year we are going up north where we will have access to ship wrecks nearby. I can’t wait to get back in the water!
  13. Drive in movie
    • One of the unique things about living in the country is that there are quite a few drive in movie theaters nearby! We tried to go to one last summer, but we went right in the middle of our high school’s band camp week and ended up leaving early because we were both so tired.
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  14. Star gazing
    • There is a National Dark Sky Park in Michigan up past the Sleeping Bear Dunes and I have wanted to go there for so many years! Last year we camped really close to it but ended up being too busy to find the time to get over to it at night. This year I am really hoping to go there one night on our way up to Marquette.
  15. Stretch or foam roll daily
    • This has been going well now that I’m waking up to work out in the morning, but I know that when I get back to running or working out in the middle of the day it will be much more challenging to motivate myself to do. I will have to make a point of it and remember why it’s worth it!
  16. Drink more water
    • I currently am drinking about 68 ounces of water a day but hope to get that number consistently up to 72. I think it’s a little easier to drink more water in the summer since it is hot and you sweat so much more, so I’m hoping it will be easy to remain consistent with this!
  17. Go on a water slide
    • We went to Kalahari Water Park last spring with some friends and had a blast! This year there will be water slides where we are going for our honeymoon and I plan to take full advantage of that. You are never too old for a water park!
  18. Recover with protein from all long runs
    • Ooooh this is something that I really could improve. I am the worst at recovering after long runs! I usually have some water and potentially gatorade or chocolate milk, but other than that I just flop down on the living room floor and lay around for a while. This will go along with my goal to stretch daily! I plan to stretch when I get back and then hit up some recovery foods with protein and sugars. I usually head right to the shower and then end up feeling faint or sick because I haven’t eaten anything yet, so I’m hoping that this will help.
  19. Train for the New York City Marathon
    • Wohooo! I still can’t believe I actually got in the lottery. I am planning on using a 20 week training plan, which is really long, but I used it for my first marathon and I think my body responded really well to the gradual buildup. Training starts June 19th and I can’t wait!!
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    • 91 days to go!!!!!!
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Have an amazing first weekend in May!!

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