Running Rambles

This week I finished up day 16 and 17 of waking up to workout before work.

Then yesterday I headed out for 5 miles in the gorgeous sunshine! I have to say that working out in the morning has been great, but I sure miss seeing the sun in the afternoon and hitting the pavement for some miles. I think I’ll keep getting up early for these last 5 weeks of school but I’m sure looking forward to the summer running.

In lost my running pouch when we went on a weekend trip last month and have finally come to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to find it. I found this new one at Target and almost didn’t buy it because it was neon yellow and I wanted something more subtle, but I LOVE it. It looks small but it fits my phone much nicer than my old one!


We have been eating some great meals lately. I am definitely spoiled by a fiance who enjoys cooking! We had some Ratatouille earlier this week and enjoyed some Fiesta Lime Chicken and Rice last night. Both were awesome! I love finding healthier meals that taste great. They are even more satisfying!


However satisfying healthy meals are, we ruin it afterwards. This is the current view of our freezer:


We have truly embraced the lazy Saturday routine. Last night we stayed in and relaxed together, which sure was nice because the band had a parade during the day. We noticed some cool colors through our blinds so we watched the end of the sunset out our window. Maybe next time we’ll get out there and walk, but I think we’ll wait until the evening temperature is warmer than 35 degrees 😉


Hopefully you all have enjoyed some relaxation and laziness this weekend as well! Every once and a while it is nice to kick back and not be stressed. Happy Sunday!


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