Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! Whew, we made it! This was a weird week that overall went by really fast, but at the same time there were moment each day that felt like they took an eternity.

I am excited it’s Friday because that means the weekend is upon us, but also because today is my birthday! Wohoo!

Nothing special is happening today, but I always enjoy treating myself without guilt on my birthday.

Here are a few of my favorite things to do on my birthday:

This is a classic one – celebrate with ice cream! My love for ice cream is extreme, so I make sure to incorporate it as much as possible into my day. When I was in school my mom would let me eat ice cream for breakfast on my birthday. While I can’t say I do that anymore, I definitely indulge later in the day. Ice cream this year is especially great, because my fiancé picked up some Halo Top ice cream! If you’ve never had this ice cream, you absolutely have to try it. It is the ONLY “health” ice cream I’ve tried that tastes like the real thing (if not better)! Last night I ate half of the birthday cake pint, and that was only 140 calories, 6 grams of sugar, and 12 grams of protein!!

Celebrating the years! When I turned 21 on college, I ran 21 miles to celebrate my age. I was marathon training at the time, so this run fit right into my training plan. It was also the first time I ran outside it shorts that year and I remember getting quite the tan lines 🙂

Since I haven’t run more than a half this year, I think trying to run my age might be a bit brutal 😉 while I can’t say I’m going to do this this year, I am going to do 24 (my age) of all my strength exercises. This won’t add up to much, but it makes me happy to do something to celebrate the number!
Celebrating with students is also a favorite! Part of me always wants to take the day off on my birthday, but once I get to work it’s always worth going in. Young students are so cute when it’s your birthday! Last year my middle school advisory class threw me party and brought in decorations and candy. It’s the little things that really brighten your day!

This time of year is also my favorite when it finally starts to get warmer! It’s supposed to be in the high 60s (warm for Michigan!) and sunny today which will absolutely brighten the mood.

I am doing most of my family celebrations this weekend, which includes going to an Escape Room tomorrow and getting a massage with my mom (Mother’s Day/birthday event). I am obsessed with escape rooms after only going to two! My dad and fiancé have never been to one, so o can’t wait to see what they think.

Those are my Friday Favorites this morning! Hopefully your day ends on a positive note and an exciting weekend follows! Happy Friday!!!🎉

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