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The weekend is upon us! Yesterday was probably the most beautiful weather I ever remember having on my birthday.

This weekend the weather trend continues and this upcoming week we have two highs near 80 degrees!

I celebrated the weather with 6 miles outside in the sunshine. Gotta get those endorphins flowing.

Last night we went to dinner and Barnes and Noble for my birthday. We started the night with bruschetta (my favorite)!

Of course dinner is never complete without a stop for ice cream.

I got a new book to read – I enjoyed “All the Missing Girls”, so I’m excited to take a crack at this one by the same author.

I also got a couple pairs of sweatpants! My fiancé always makes fun of me because I come home from work and immediately “change into my PJs”, but hey, workout clothes make life so much more comfortable.

This morning I had my absolute favorite breakfast: cinnamon bread and cottage cheese. So simple, but simply the best.

For lunch after my run today I am planning on indulging on some leftovers from the Creamy Pasta and Broccoli that we made earlier this week. Yum.

Before I start my new book I am wanting to finish reading the new Runner’s World issue. This page with snacks has some awesome ideas I want to try!

My mom is making my favorite cake. It sounds so weird but is honestly AMAZING:

  • plain vanilla cake
  • poke holes in the cake
  • pour cherry jello mix over cake
  • frost with vanilla pudding
  • THE BEST 🙂

Have a wonderful Saturday and I hope you get to do something special for all those amazing mothers out there tomorrow. Happy weekend!

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