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Happy weekend! This morning I woke up at 5:45 in a panic, thinking I slept through my alarm and was running late. It wasn’t until I was out of bed getting my clothes ready that I realized it was Saturday! That is the best feeling ever 🙂 back to bed I went.

Hopefully you have some exciting plans this weekend, or maybe just a free weekend with some time to relax! Today is my bridal shower for my mom’s side of the family. Starting off the bridal shower season makes me realize that our wedding is that much closer. There are so many things to look forward to this year! Here are my current countdowns:

1. 24 days until the last day of school! Ahhh it’s so close. Yet every day feels like a battle now, as the kids are mentally checked out and the teachers are struggling to keep them interested while still finishing up their final units. I am hoping that the cooler weather that’s moving in will calm the kids down a little and make it more bearable for all of us. Fingers crossed!

2. 29 days until marathon training begins! I am opting for a longer marathon training plan this year since I haven’t been running as consistently while building my base. This training plan will start at the end of June! I love that when you start training for a marathon it seems so far off that it’s hard to believe it’ll ever actually happen, but by the time it gets here it feels like those weeks flew by. There is something so satisfying about crossing those days off!

3. 35 days until our yearly camping trip in the upper peninsula! Every year we go on a camping trip in the upper peninsula of Michigan. There is so much to explore in our own state that we could do something different every single year! This year we are going to Marquette. I haven’t been there since I was really young! We are keeping the trip short this year since the summer is so busy, but I always love that we do this as soon as school is out and it really helps bring summer in.

4. 42 days until our family trip up north! My family goes on a vacation each year and this year we are staying in the state and renting a house up north. We are planning to scuba dive and hike while we are there. I can’t wait!

5. 47 days until our bachelor/bachelorette parties! All the girls are renting a house on Lake Huron for a weekend this summer to celebrate the wedding. We will be kayaking and wine tasting. Many of my friends live out of state so I haven’t seen them in a while, so this will be a great weekend to bring everyone together!

6. 55 days until I attempt my first triathlon! The lake by one of the elementary schools where I work is hosting a triathlon this summer. This has been a goal of mine for so long, and each year I find a reason not to do it! I’m signed up for the sprint triathlon, which I think I’ll be able to complete very slowly just to try it out. I feel comfortable with biking and running, but the swimming makes me nervous because I am sooo slow at it! I can’t wait to try.

7. 76 days until our wedding! Woooo! We are officially 11 weeks out and now it’s starting to feel real. There is just so much excitement.

8. 77 days until our honeymoon! I talked a little about our plans here, and can’t wait for so many new experiences. It will be a blast!!

9. 167 days until the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON! Right now this race seems so far away that it’s hard to believe it’s actually happening, but I know it’ll be here before I know it. This has been a dream of mine for so long and I just can’t believe it’s going to come true! We’ve already booked our flights and hotel, so next up is to check out the area and start planning what we want to do while we’re there.

10. 217 days until Christmas! I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR. I love winter, the weather that comes during the holidays, time with family, holiday shopping, seeing the joy in little kid’s faces, and just everything about the holidays. We are almost halfway there this year!

Well, those are my current dates of excitement! I hope you all have some exciting things to look forward to as well. The second half of 2017 will be a good one! Have an awesome Saturday!!

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