Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!!!! This has been a hectic week and I sure am glad to see the weekend. The little things have really been getting me through this week, so I thought I would share some of my favorite things in life lately.

This book stand! Such a simple idea, yet so incredible helpful. I love to lay on the couch when I’m reading and this stand means that I don’t even need to hold up my own book.

Speaking of reading, this book is such a page turner! I have been loving it and am almost done. It’s one of those books that makes me stay up way later than I should because I can’t put it down.

Bruschetta! Always one of my favorite appetizers, but I’ve had it more than usual lately. I ordered this for myself earlier this week and quickly discovered it was much more than I was expecting!

Halo Top 🙂 I know I’ve written about this many times already but I just can’t get over it. I just tried the smores flavor and it did not disappoint!

Summer weather. We are getting closer to those beloved summer months and Michigan has been cooperating with its weather!

Our local ice cream parlour opened up for the summer and we have already made multiple appearances! After eating Halo Top during the week I feel much less guilty with my trips here 😉

Daytime runs! I sure miss running outside in this beautiful weather when I get up early and do my runs in the dark mornings. Those weekend runs have made me excited for summer when I can run anytime!

Wedding prep – we have all of our vendors booked and invitations mailed, so we are now officially to the fun part of wedding planning like getting party favors and figuring out decorations. I’m loving it so far!

Strength workouts! I can tell that I am actually getting stronger and the workouts get easier each week. I’ve been doing this workout twice a week and it has made a big difference so far!

I recently made a change in the type of coverup I’ve been using and this makeup has made a huge difference in my skin. I finally found something that covers it up without making me break out more!

Even just typing about all my favorites makes me happy. Sometimes it really is the little things in life.

I hope your Friday is a great one and starts of the weekend right!!

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