Things That Make Life Happy

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY!! I’ve been getting so much satisfaction out of the little things in life lately that I thought I would share some of my favorites and spread the positivity on this lovely Friday morning.

Celebrate the Little Things In Life

It’s Birkenstock season again and I can’t wait to wear them every day! I still have an attachment to my old, worn down Birkenstocks even though I’m loving the new ones I got earlier this year.


We found two new flavors of Halo Top that I’m going to try tonight! I’m so curious I can barely stand the wait.


I just ordered this book and cannot WAIT to dive in. I love Chip and Joanna! I feel like I know them personally just from watching their tv show 😉 they are so positive and fun with each other that watching them just makes me feel better about life.

Freshly painted nails with my favorite gel polish in preparation for a wedding tonight!


I just rediscovered the Nike Training app and am loving the workout varieties! I used to use it all the time but forgot about it when I started marathon training. I love all the different varieties of workouts they it has to choose from!


THIS BEAUTIFUL WEATHER. It’s impossible to walk outside to blue skies and not have your spirits lifted.


My favorite pasta. So simple, but it has been my favorite throughout life. I always eat it cold and it never looks appealing that way, but is the best.


Sweaty workouts! I did this spin workout this morning and was literally dripping with sweat by the end. Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but that handle sure was salty.


Trying new meals! We just recently had pork with sweet and sour peppers, and rice noodles with broccoli and onions. Both were great!

Popcorn with ranch seasoning. Mmmmm.

Waking up early and then realizing you can sleep in! This was my experience this morning. We are going to a wedding that is out of town this afternoon, so we have no work this morning. Ahhh, the satisfaction.

The Bachelorette is back on! YES. I know it’s not the best thing to watch but I am just so addicted. The Mondays between when the Bachelor ends and the Bachelorette begins are always so boring.

Summer running: T minus two weeks until I will be running outside when it’s light and beginning training for NYC. There is nothing quite as satisfying and sweating it out in the sunshine.

Taylor's Cottage (2)

Sunsets. I just love being able to stay outside in the warmth at night and watch those summer sunsets.


Well that’s my list of things in life that make me happy right now. I hope you’re feeling some positive vibes on this Friday morning. Have a great day and a wonderful start to your weekend!


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