Saturday Morning Stroll

Good morning and happy Sunday! To start the weekend we visited Holland, Michigan to attend the wedding of two friends from college. The wedding was on a Friday, which gave us a great opportunity to leave work early and head to one of the many beautiful cities in Michigan.

We celebrated with our friends on Friday night and decided to stay the night in town so we could check out the lake and dunes on our way back home the next day. It was incredibly convenient that the Saugatuck Dunes State Park was just about 10 minutes from the wedding venue and directly on our way back home! We headed to the dunes to do a hike on Saturday morning after the wedding. Friday was absolutely beautiful – perfect weather for a wedding!


Unfortunately Saturday’s weather didn’t seem as promising. I had seen rain on and off in the forecast this past week leading up to the weekend, but by Friday it looked like the rain would hold off until Sunday. Of course, as we were eating breakfast before heading to the dunes, I checked the radar and saw that a big block of rain and storms was headed our way at noon.

We decided to hike one of the shorter trails in the park, only about 3 miles. It was still great to get out and see what all the dunes had to offer in this park though. I have been to Saugatuck before, but it was when I was much younger, so all the hiking and dune climbing memories from my past have blurred together.

We hiked a 3 mile loop out to Lake Michigan and back! The dunes definitely weren’t the biggest ones I’ve seen, but I’m always surprised by how much just a short climb will get my heart rate sky rocketing. I always question how much I thought I was in shape when I find myself sweating and out of breath after just a few steps up the dune. That sand really is a killer!

As summer is beginning, I am greatly looking forward to taking a few trips to continue exploring this great state. Trail running season is upon us now, and I intend to find some great new paths to explore. This hike reminded me what a great workout running on the beach must be, although I’ve never quite had the courage to try. New terrain works so many different muscles and gives us practice on stability (which I need so desperately;). Here’s to many new experiences this summer and more practice with the old. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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