As this weekend came to a close, my plans for any sort of workouts or physical activity were drastically derailed. (Maybe I’m a little dramatic, but it sure felt drastic to me;).

We ordered pizza for dinner on Saturday, and as I was walking back up our steps in the entrance way to our house, I stepped directly on a wasp.


That thing stung me right in the middle of my foot. I was so surprised! I had been stung once before, back when I was only about 4 years old. A bee got stuck in my hair and ended up stinging me right on the side of my face by my eye. I’m sure that sting was really painful, but of course I was too young to actually remember it.

It’s funny (now;) that this stung came the same day I was making fun of my fiancé for his dramatic reaction to bugs on our hike. I was telling him to quit swatting them all away, and if he ignored them for a little bit they might not keep flocking to him. I remember saying “they only bother you if you bother them”.

Haha 😉

Well that sting definitely hurt more than I expected it to, after the fact at least. It just felt like a pinch when I stepped on it but as I continued walking up the stairs the pain got worse and worse. It was a strange burning sensation and not so much a sharp pain.

It didn’t take more than a minute for my foot to turn red and swell up a little but. I was too much of a wimp to put ice on it because touching the skin hurt like crazy! Luckily there was no stinger in there or else that would’ve been a whole different kind of battle. PS – that other mark on my foot is from when I stepped on a sharp piece of plastic in our closet a few days ago… this poor right foot just really is the unlucky one!

I am surprised by how much my foot hurt for the rest of the day, and still did on Sunday! I could not walk on it for the rest of the weekend, or drive anywhere since it was my right foot. The swelling has now gone down significantly and all that’s really left is the spot where it stung me, but it’s definitely still very tender.

We will see how teaching goes today, as I can only really put weight on the outside of my foot… I’m sure the kids will have some comments about how funny I am standing 😉

I hope your week is off to a better start than mine! In all my internet research these past few days I’ve read stories of people who have gotten multiple stings at the same time. Yikes! People out there really are champs.

Happy Monday!

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