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As the school year wraps up and I finish another year teaching, I am finding myself very content with many things in my life. While contentment can often lead to a calm state of being and a general pleasure in life, I’m finding myself questioning whether contentment is always a good thing.

I am most definitely a person of routines – I do the exact same thing, every single day. Day in and day out, I do not fail to complete the same schedule. I often find myself out of whack and more stressed out on days containing something out of the ordinary, causing me to change up my routine. As we are nearing the end of the school year, I’ve found myself in the same routine for about 9 months now. There is nothing too different about each day, which has led me to become incredibly content.


With summer quickly approaching, I am bracing myself for the time when my routine changes drastically, and often disappears. By the end of next week, my days will not be filled with heading to work in the morning, teaching, and coming home to get ready for the next day. Each year I fight this transition; while I am ridiculously excited for the lack of responsibilities that is approaching, I always find myself two days into summer and stressed because I feel like I should be accomplishing something more.

After about a week, I settle into the routine of ‘nothingness’, which often leads to the greatest ‘somethings’. Once summer is off and rolling, I find myself getting excited about trying new things – new hobbies, workouts, places, activities, schedules, food, etc. These new adventures have consistently led to the happiest times in my life.

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With the last day of school approaching this Wednesday, I am looking forward to the beginning of some new things. I have been stuck in this rut of contentment for the past few months especially; never feeling very unhappy, but never feeling truly fulfilled. My workouts have followed suit with this pattern, as I’ve been stuck repeating the same workouts each day of the week and never really mixing it up or challenging myself. My body is stuck at a plateau, as it has not been getting stronger (or weaker), but only remained the same. My habits each night are best described as comfortable. I come home, get all the things done on my to do list for the day, finish my workout, and then sit down to read or watch tv. Nothing incredible will ever come from this.

One of my favorite quotes describes this perfectly.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

Ding ding ding!

I’ve definitely fallen into that category. In just 4 days, my entire daily routine will be forced to change. This summer is a time of big changes for me: career changes, location changes, the start of marathon training and GETTING MARRIED. I am prepared for the initial hesitation and nervousness leading up to these events but am SO excited to get started on this new journey.

As I find myself content in life, I know that it’s time to make some changes. Happiness will never come from always living inside your comfort zone, and this summer I am planning to follow my passion in life and challenge myself to the fullest.

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