The Marathon Excitement

To celebrate the first day of summer vacation yesterday, I spent time combining two things I love: running and planning. I put together my training plan for the New York City Marathon!

I’ve experiemented with multiple different length training plans, from 16 to 18 to 20 weeks, and actually found the most success with a 20 week plan.

Due to my past experience combined with the fact that I haven’t been running very long distances (or frequently;) lately, I decided to stick with a 20 week plan for this marathon. I combined a few different aspects of each plan I’ve used in the past to create a brand new one for this race.

20 weeks from November 5th is officially this upcoming Monday! That sure came quickly. I printed my plan and hung it on my refridgerator this afternoon!

Every time I get something from the fridge it brings a huge smile to my face just to see it there. I’ve recently been taking a step back from running and incorporating more cross training and less distance into my routine.

I was finding myself very burnt out from running, with low motivation to get out the door and dread surrounding those moderately long runs on the weekends. I decided to take a step back from running while I was in between training cycles and see if that could help bring back some excitement to get out the door by the time I needed to hit the road again.

Well, I’m happy to say that it has worked! I am SO excited to start a fresh new marathon training cycle this Monday! Among the many joys that come with being a runner, I am finding myself most excited for the long distances of marathon training.

I’m excited for….

  • Eating LARGE quantities of carbs!
  • Feeling extra tired at the end of the day
  • Sweating out all my stresses in the summer heat
  • Getting that extra long lasting runners high
  • Sitting on the floor after a run and logging my mile splits and heart rate
  • Runner tan lines
  • Time each day to think and listen to music
  • Running farther and farther each week
  • Chatting with others about marathon training
  • Eating a whole bunch of ice cream without guilt
  • Hitting my step goal each day
  • And the satisfaction of crossing off each day on my training plan!

Ooooh boy, just typing this got me even more excited! The joy of running has returned and I am eager to hit the roads.

Good luck to all those beginning to train for a fall race! I hope you are more excited and ambitious than ever before.

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  1. Thanks for this post girl! I read it this morning…then I spent the next 2 hours writing out my 18 week half training plan(my first half ever)! Which I will need to start…THIS SUNDAY! Crazy excited and scared all at the same time! LOL. I look forward to watching your marathon journey. When is it?

    1. Ahhh I am so excited for you!! 🙂 I’m sure you will LOVE it! It always seems daunting to me at the beginning but it is so worth it in the end. I can’t wait to follow your journey as well! Mine is November 5th, when is yours?!

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