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Hello and happy Friday!! My two days of summer so far have been spent pretty productively, with the exception of a few tangents I accidentally found myself in. A couple tasks that were supposed to take 10-15 minutes wound up taking a few hours. Oops 😉

Yesterday I finally got around to registering to become endorsed by Brooks!

Have you heard about this? It is so cool! As a way to celebrate Global Running Day and ALL the runners out there, Brooks will be endorsing any runner who registers! Signing up is super simple; all you have to do is fill in some information and upload a photo to your Athlete ID.

I think this is a great way to support runners of all distances, speeds, shapes, and talents! Just another example of how running is all-inclusive and supportive of everyone. While I know this is not the real deal, it was still pretty exciting to sign “The Brooks Big Endorsement Contract” and pick out a picture for my ID.

If you haven’t registered yet, you definitely should! Registration will be open until September 30th, and you can register here: Brooks Endorsement

I was athlete 41,608 which just goes to show how awesome the running community is. This has been open for less than 10 days and there are already more than 40,000 Brooks athletes! Way to go Brooks for doing something awesome.

Have a fantastic Friday!

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