Summer Training Goals

Happy weekend! Wahoooo! My cousin is getting married tonight and I can’t wait to celebrate. Ever since we got engaged last summer weddings have become a whole new level of interesting. I’ve always loved weddings, but now I am much more aware of all the work that goes into them and all the little details happening. I love how each wedding that we go to is so unique to the couple, and can’t wait to experience another one.

Bridal Shower 6-10 (2)

With the upcoming start of marathon training this Monday, I’ve been planning and brainstorming some goals that I would like to accomplish during these next 20 weeks. Some of them are the standard, usual goals for a marathon, but I made a point to think of some more specific, reasonable goals as well. I’ve always found that I hold myself much more accountable when I create concrete goals for myself, but for some reason have never really sat down to do this before a specific race.

Bayshore Marathon (7)

Here’s to a first time for everything, and making this the best marathon yet.

My summer training goals:

  1. Slow down the pace for my long runs
    • I discovered that my long runs have been too fast and my ‘fast’ runs have been too slow to accomplish my time goals – I am going to make a point to focus on my easy runs being truly easy, and once a week really step it up for speed work
  2. Incorporate some structured speed work/tempo runs once a week
    • Rather than just trying to run “fast” on Tuesdays;), I want to have a structured plan for these tempo runs (mile repeats, 800s, etc.)
  3. Carry enough water to stay hydrated and have extra to pour over my head
    • To avoid having my mom or fiance ride their bike to bring me more… guilty
  4. Stretch after EVERY SINGLE RUN
    • Always a goal of mine… we’ll see if it happens 😉
  5. Eat something within 30 minutes of returning from long runs
    • I am terrible at this due to pure laziness! I always find myself in the shower feeling faint or sick after a long run because I haven’t eaten anything yet.
  6. Log all my runs in my training journal
    • So far, so good. I can’t wait to look back on all the runs!
  7. Take a self defense class
    • Not specifically running related, but something I’ve been telling myself I’d do for SO long to feel safer on my runs
  8. Run early enough to beat the heat on long run days
    • Ooooh, laziness again haha
  9. Strength train/cross train twice a week
    • I’ve been doing pretty well with this lately and definitely want to keep it up!
  10. PR: Sub 4:30
    • This is a huge one for me because my marathon PR is 4:40. I’ve always wanted to beat this time but never been able to put in effort for long enough on my speed workouts. I really am hoping to accomplish it this time!

My plan is to print these goals out and put them right behind my training plan so I can check in on them regularly! It’s always very motivating for me when I can check things off of a list, so I’m going to attempt to use that in my favor this time around.

Kalamazoo Half Marathon (3)

I just can’t wait to get started! I’m so happy I took a few weeks off from running because now I am itching to get back out there and hit the roads.

Happy running, friends!

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  1. How do you carry your water/hydration with you? I have camelback type pack I’ve used a few times, but honestly, most of my runs aren’t long enough for that amount of water. I typically run near a college with a water fountain….but that gets super boring running the same route all the time. I’ve looked into hydration belts…but not sure what would be best/one that wouldn’t ride up constantly.

    1. Ooh yes I feel your pain! I’ve experimented with many different ways to bring water and really struggled to find one I liked. I’ve tried a few different types of belts and never had success with them, they always bounced obnoxiously or rode up when I was running! I actually found that I like carrying a normal sized water bottle the best. I have one that has a little loop for my hand so I just slip it around my palm and then never have to worry about holding on to it. The worst part is that my hand gets really sweaty, but it’s super easy to drink out of while running!!
      This is the one I have:
      Good luck with your experimentation, I definitely understand the frustration! Let me know if you find a different way that you really like 🙂

      1. This handheld looks better than most! How does the cap open? Pull? Twist? I love that the phone pouch is bigger than most…and the gel loops look like they would come in handy!

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