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Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! It’s hard to believe that there is only one day in the entire year that we dedicate to our fathers, because they deserve so much more. I am heading to my parent’s house today to celebrate with my dad by going on a bike ride. I love that he chooses to do things like this rather than get gifts, and it has become somewhat of a yearly tradition. My mom always comes with us and we make a day of it (with ice cream too, of course).

In preparation for Father’s Day, I am thinking about all the things I’ve learned from my dad so far in my lifetime. I truly would not be the person I am today without his influence, and for that I am so grateful.

Here are a few pieces of life wisdom that I’ve learned from my dad:

You don’t need to buy anything fancy to be happy

I spent my childhood wanting the newest version of everything; the highest tech this, the fanciest that (like any typical child). My dad taught me that having these new fancy things might be satisfying for a day or two, but they won’t bring the life long happiness that I desired.

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Nature is your playground

My dad introduced me to countless new activities, all of which I am still doing today. He showed me the undiscovered dream that the state of Michigan has to offer. He introduced me to camping, hiking, biking, running, skiing, swimming, boating, snorkeling – you name it, my parents probably made me do it as a child.

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Follow your heart and pursue your dreams

As I get older I am realizing how much of a realist my dad is – always making sure I am being realistic and not planning something that will get my hopes up. I am discovering more and more though, that even though my career choice may not have been the most secure financially or be the greatest in demand, he never questioned it. He always supported me in my dreams and made me believe in myself.


Don’t let fear be the reason you don’t try

There have been so many instances where I am afraid of doing something and my dad has pushed me (sometimes unwillingly) into trying. I have always been grateful for this in the end, and discovered some of the most wonderful things in life that I may never have had the courage to try on my own.

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Hard work has great value

My dad is proof that you can never use your circumstances as an excuse. No matter what trials or difficulties you have experienced in life, hard work will reward you. He did not have it nearly as easy as I did as a kid, and still managed to accomplish everything he’d ever wanted. He traveled the country, put himself through college, and secured a job in one of the most desirable fields.

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If you can’t trust someone, they are not worthy of being in your life

Throughout my life (my teenage years especially;) my dad has proven to be right with his intuition. Whether it be a friend of mine, or a date to the prom, my dad has been able to tell right away whether they were good news or bad. He instilled in me the value of honesty and being able to lean on those that you are love.


You can never know too much

When my fiance first met my dad, he came home and told me that he wanted to know as much as my dad does. My dad always surprises me with his facts and knowledge about every random thing we encounter. I am always skeptical about whether or not what he is saying true, but pretty much every single time I look it up, he is right on the money. I will never understand how he knows something about every single thing, but his hunger for knowledge inspires me to learn more.

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Reading books will make you rich in life

Going along with the previous one, my dad reads books about pretty much anything. While I may consider some of them to be boring topics, he proves that all this reading pays off. Everywhere we go he has an interesting story to tell, or knows the background information about where we are or what we’re doing.


Music brings people together

From the very first memory I have, there was always music in the picture. I used to sing in the basement with my dad while he played his guitar when I was in elementary school. In second grade, I brought him and his guitar in for show and tell. Whenever we went camping, my dad would play his guitar and strangers would gravitate to our campsite to join. My dad has been one of my biggest musical influences, and has shown me that music has a true healing power and leaves an impact on everybody.

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Everything in moderation – yes, you can have that ice cream

“Everything in moderation” has always been my dad’s view on dieting and exercise. He shares my sweet tooth and is always the one I have to fight with to get the chocolate or dessert. Through this viewpoint, he showed me the value of a positive body image, and never linking my self worth to food. He allowed me to have desserts when I was young as long as I was aware of what I was putting in my body and compensated for that throughout the rest of the day.


Make sure you show your dads, grandpas, father-in-laws, step-fathers, and whatever other father figures you may have in your life some love today. Today is their day and they deserve to be spoiled!

Happy Father’s Day to all 🙂



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