NYC Marathon, Ready Set Go!

Good morning and happy Tuesday! The days are already blurring together now that we are on summer vacation. It always amazes me how quickly that happens! Weekends seem to fly by during the year but it sure feels like we’ve been on break forever and it’s only been 5 days. I’m taking that as a good thing!


The one thing keeping my days and weeks organized this summer has finally begun: marathon training! Yesterday marked day one of my 20 week training plan. New York will be my fifth marathon and I think I am the most excited for this one! So far, so good 😉 I celebrated the start of marathon training a little early with some extra servings of ice cream 🙂


I am using the same plan I used for my first marathon, which was my best time and my happiest race. I remember crying in the middle of that race because I just couldn’t believe what an awesome thing I was doing and how many great people were around me. I love the way the long runs progress in this plan – each weekend adds two miles for three weeks in a row and then there is a cut back week to 8 miles. My body seems to work the best with this progression. The distance always seems so intimidating at the beginning but I love how these training plans make just about anything seem manageable!

Air Force Marathon (23)

Yesterday morning I ran my first training run of 4 miles. The run was a good one; the weather was cooler even though I ran later in the morning! The temperature was in the 60s and it sure was sunny. It felt great to get out there and run for a purpose. I always am so much more motivated to run when I am following a training plan! That motivation and excitement is always lacking when I run on my own. While I wasn’t very tired when I got home, I just could not imagine running 22.2 more miles. It is truly incredible what the human body can do!

We officially have our flights and hotels booked for NYC. This will be the run of a lifetime and I am beyond excited that I got into the lottery on my first attempt.

I am off to head out and complete my Tuesday run! I have to switch some runs around this week because we will be going camping on Friday for a few days, and I know I won’t be able to run much while we’re traveling/hiking, so I’m trying to squeeze them all in while I can. Nothing like starting off strong!


Have a terrific Tuesday!

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