Saturday’s Scenery

Good morning and happy weekend! Saturday mornings are the best. Waking up and realizing that you have no regular obligations for the day and nowhere to be right away is such a great feeling.

This morning was a little different for us, because we woke up in Mackinaw City! We are one day into our vacation, 4.5 hours north of where we live, and only halfway there. Today we are headed across the bridge to the Upper Peninsula for the next four days. I thought I’d share some pictures from our first day of camping!

We were finally able to visit Headlands International Dark Sky Park, and it was awesome. I’ve wanted to go to this park for a while now, and actually been there twice, but it was cloudy and bad weather both times! There are no lights allowed here, and the stars are absolutely beautiful. It’s about 10-15 minutes west of Mackinaw City, where we were camped for the night.

We are off now to visit a spring, hike some trails, kayak, see some waterfalls, and an island.

I hope you get some time to explore nature this weekend!

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Those pictures are gorgeous! Enjoy your vacation. I’ve only been to Northern Michigan once. I would love to go back there to go camping. Did you set your camera up on a timer?

    1. Thank you!! I love Northern Michigan, there are so many different things to do all year round! I took those pictures without a timer but plan to use the timer later today 🙂

      1. Alyssa says:

        Can’t wait to see! Any plans to visit Frankenmuth?

      2. Not this trip, although I wish we could! Frankenmuth is awesome! Do you visit Frankenmuth often?

      3. Alyssa says:

        I went once about seven years ago. I loved it! We spent half the day in Frankenmuth and the other half of the day at the outlet mall way down the road.

      4. That’s awesome! They have some really unique stuff there. I love Bronner’s, we go there every year to get Christmas ornaments 🙂 hopefully you get a chance to go back again!

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