Week 1 Training Recap

Hello and happy Sunday! Sundays are my favorite day for rest and relaxation. Today finishes out week 1 of training for the NYC Marathon! This week was a little different than usual because we left for vacation on Friday, so my workouts were all mixed up. Sundays are usually my rest day, but today I plan to get some cross training miles in with another hike.

Here is how Week 1 played out for me:

Monday – 4 miles. This run was a great first run of the training cycle! It was sunny and beautiful, but still only about 68 degrees. I ran this on my usual route right by our house.

– strength workout (I did this workout). Felt great throughout this workout, but can definitely tell that my hips are my weak spot. Oh and arms of course, I have already come to terms with the fact that I will never be strong 😉

– rest. We had a bunch of appointments today and I knew I’d need to rearrange my weekend rest day so this worked perfectly!

Thursday – 4 miles. I ran the same route as Monday but the weather definitely wasn’t as nice. It rained intermittently throughout the whole run. The first mile was a little rough on my knee but after that my body adjusted and I didn’t notice it anymore!

– 8 miles. This was a great run! The radar looked like I was going to end up getting soaked, but it didn’t rain at all. I ran this in Grand Rapids by my parents house on my favorite trail. I definitely wasn’t motivated to start but I’m sure glad I did because it felt great!

– Hike + visit Kitchitikipi. I am counting this as my cross training for the week! (Even though it was only 2.5ish miles;) It wasn’t very challenging but walking always counts as something in my mind.

– (will happen later today… assuming it stops raining;) 4 miles hiking on the North Country Trail.

I had to rearrange my plan a lot this week to accommodate our trip up north, but I think it worked out pretty well. My main priority each week is to get that long run in. It is crazy to me that after running 8 miles there is still 18 more to go in a marathon – 8 seems like such a distance to me right now!

This is one of those things I love about marathon training. Literally every week seems impossible until it’s done. It is so humbling to begin the training plan with 4-8 miles seeming like a hefty week of training, and wind up running 20 milers in just a few months.

The most important thing I try to remember during training is to stay focused on the week I am in, because looking ahead seems too intimidating. Focusing on what I can do now and how much progress I have made always helps me keep going!

Here’s to a good start to training and hopefully a positive start to week 2. This next week will be a little mixed up again because of vacation, but after that I should be able to stick to the plan. I am looking forward to some consistency!

Good luck to all the other fall racers out there with the beginning of your training!

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    1. That is awesome!! I am so excited to experience this marathon, I bet it will be a great one for your first! Good luck with your training, I hope everything gets started off well in the next few weeks! 🙂

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