June Favorites

How in the world is today the last day of June already?! Each month this year has flown by and been over in the blink of an eye, but June has by far been the fastest one yet. While I am loving summer vacation and know I should really savor it and enjoy the moment, it’s hard not to wish time away while we are counting down to our wedding! I find myself excited each night when I can rip another day off of my countdown, but at the same time know that it means summer vacation will be over before I know it.

With tomorrow being July 1st, I thought I would look back on this month and share some of my favorites.

June was one of the best months this year!

As it’s gotten warmer, I’ve gotten to run outside more often and get back into my running groove. I’ve definitely rekindled my love for running and am feeling much more motivated to head out the door!


Successfully completed another school year and started off 11 glorious weeks of SUMMER VACATION!

New York City Marathon Training started and is off to a great start!


Had the second of two amazing bridal showers, as if we needed any more excitement for the wedding 😉

Celebrated Global Running Day and was overwhelmed with positive vibes from all the running love on social media!

Officially got endorsed by Brooks 😉


Celebrated Father’s Day with the best dad in the world.

And we got a kick start to exploring this beautiful state! The trails, lakes, and sights just never disappoint.

Today we are going to finish out the month by packing up to head up to Northern Michigan once again. We are headed up for a week long vacation with my parents by Mackinaw City. We are renting a house right on the lake, and I am SO excited to explore! There is a bike trail right by the house we will be staying in which will be perfect for these training runs and biking for cross training. This vacation will lead immediately into my Bachelorette Party next weekend. Needless to say, this month is going to be filled with joy!

I hope you are finishing June out with a bang and get some smiles look back on the memories you’ve made.

Happy Friday!!

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