Last 30 Days of Wedding Planning

Good morning from northern Michigan! Today is my last full day up north with my family before I head down to my Bachelorette Party this weekend. I have been having an amazing time up north but am really looking forward to this weekend as well and can’t wait to see all of my friends from different places at the same time!

With today being the 6th, we are officially LESS THAN ONE MONTH away from our wedding.

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Despite the fact that this is a running blog, wedding planning has become such a big part of my life that I thought I’d share a little bit of it here as well.

Absolutely no words can express how excited I am for our wedding day and to officially be married to the love of my life! We got engaged in mid July last summer, so we have had about a year to plan our wedding. Wedding planning seemed so overwhelming when we were freshly engaged. Right away, I was so excited to ask friends to be bridesmaids and to share the good news with loved ones, but reality quickly started to set in when we tried to pick a wedding date and place.

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We realized that we needed to pick the date and place simultaneously, as they each depend on the other. With the discussion of potential dates and places, we found ourselves involved with the first stumbling block of wedding planning: everyone has an opinion about your day.

We finally surpassed this hurdle by doing our best to take everyone’s preference into account, but in the end realizing that this day was a celebration of our relationship, and should be something that we want.

After the initial decisions were made, we went through a period of time where not much needed to be done. This lasted through the majority of the fall and winter, up until spring. I felt like wedding planning was almost a joke, and wasn’t sure why everyone else seems to be so stressed when they go through it.

Ahhh, but then the spring hit. Once spring hit it was only a few short weeks until summer, when all of the deadlines started to approach. We started to need to make important decisions about the finer details, some of which really surprised me with their importance.

With one month to go, we are now officially through our booking process and have a rough draft of our timeline completed. The little details are finally starting to fall into place, and I am seeing firsthand just how much each decision and each minute of the wedding day really matters.

We are lucky enough to have a cousin who is in the wedding business, and she has been such a huge help to us. She is doing all of our decorations for the ceremony and reception (thank goodness, because I am the least creative person ever when it comes to crafts!) and really helped clue us in on some of the little things we may not have realized that we needed.

Prior to heading up north this week, we made sure to finalize our ceremony music, our decorations, our table place cards, the ceremony programs, rehearsal dinner invitations and update our guest list.

This week will be a pivotal one in our wedding planning process. We are going to apply for our marriage license, drop my rings off to have them sautered together, send rehearsal dinner invitations, finalize our seating chart, and pick up my dress and veil. With the completion of these tasks, we will officially be in the stage of planning the minute to minute details for the day and delegating tasks to cover all bases and potential crises’.

I absolutely LOVE planning and organizing, so this past month has been a true pleasure for me. Having 2 months completely off from work prior to our wedding helps immensely, as I can’t even imagine making it through the couple months leading up to your wedding while working full time. Props to all you (and I know there’s a ton!) who have done this or are doing it, YOU ARE A CHAMP.

I’ve never been so excited for anything in my life (including Christmas and ice cream, my two favorite things in the world), and am trying so hard to really be present in each moment of the planning process without wishing time away. When this process is all over I know I will have the greatest joy of it all, a husband. 🙂

Happy wedding planning to all of those engaged folks out there!

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