Let’s Get Real

Good morning and happy weekend!! Gotta love these summer days lately. The only thing keeping me on track with the days of the week right now is my training plan.

We are currently situated in a house right on Lake Eerie for the weekend, for my Bachelorette Party before the wedding. It is wonderful to have all of my friends from different times and places in my life all together in the same house for a few days.

I thought I’d share some random happenings and thoughts in my life lately.

Let’s get real here…

I am currently conflicted between counting down the hours and minutes of each day in hopes that time will fly by in order for our wedding to get here quickly, but also realizing that after our wedding we will be well into August which means the summer will be coming to a close so I am wanting time to slow down. My goal this next week is to work on being present in each moment, to truly enjoy it. I often find myself looking back on the mundane events of the past week thinking “oh that was such a great time, if only I had known how much fun I was having”. My goal is to avoid having this thought again!

When we were shopping in Mackinaw City last week, we found a goldmine of a sweatshirt. This sweatshirt has a velcro pocket to hold your beer, as well as a bottle opener connected to the pocket. I can’t believe no one has thought of this before! My fiance was literally giddy for at least 4 hours after finding it.


I have been struggling with finding a balance between letting go and relaxing, versus maintaining health and fitness while on vacation. There were moments this past week where I wanted to just enjoy some extra indulgences as a treat to myself because we were on vacation. Then there were also moments where I felt guilty for snacking all day, or drinking the coke with dinner, because I had finally gotten to a happy place in terms of enjoying healthy snacks, and I was worried that I would ruin this. Finding a balance between health and treats sure is tricky, and I’m definitely working on finding that sweet spot.

After visiting the doctor two weeks ago and receiving the results and diagnosis from my blood work, I have been doing a bunch of research on the internet to discover what Scleroderma really is, and what it means for me in the future. My elbow pain is definitely still around, but seems to have subsided from its peak a few months ago. The pain has now transferred to my fingers, and makes it really difficult to use my hands in the morning. It usually fizzles out as time progresses throughout the day, but my research leads me to believe that it may end up getting worse. This has definitely been a mental battle for me. I don’t go in to see the Rhematologist for a few weeks, so I am trying to be realistic but at the same time not be too pessimistic or psych myself out.

Oh, the mental struggles have been real these past few weeks. I guess that’s what happens when you have the summer off from work and all day to think things through 😉

The other battle I am facing is one of pure excitement. Lately I have not been able to fall asleep at night because I am literally TOO excited for our wedding (this will make the next 26 nights go by reaaaally slowly;). I guess this is a good problem to have! We are in the home stretch now!!!


Happy weekend, friends!

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