Week 3 Training Recap

Happy Sunday!! Our vacation week is officially coming to a close, and I am certainly sad to see it go. This week was wonderful though, and I will cherish all the memories while looking forward to all that is to come in the next few weeks.

With the arrival of another Sunday comes the completion of NYC Marathon training, Week 3!

This week was the last week until our honeymoon in August that I needed to do some major shifting around with my workouts. All of my workouts were completed away from home, and most of the runs were done on the same trail.

This is how the week played out for me:

Monday: 4 miles. This run was completed the day after my 10 miler and felt pretty good! My mom ran with me on the trail right across the street in Cheboygan. I have been having some knee pain on my right side, but I didn’t tape my knee for this run and I actually didn’t notice it too much. It was much warmer and more humid today, but overall we felt pretty good. We cut ourselves some leeway and took quite a few walk breaks. The four miles dragged on slowly but never felt impossible, so that is a good sign 🙂


Tuesday: Cross training – 3 hours of kayaking. Holy moly, I was so surprised by the effect kayaking had on me. I have kayaked many times before, but this time felt significantly more challenging. As soon as we launched our kayaks I could tell that this was going to be a slow ride for me. I felt the paddling mostly in my shoulders and the back of my neck, which is apparently a muscle in which I am significantly lacking strength. By the end of the day my arms were so tired and sore already! Ever since my elbow problems I haven’t been able to do many arm workouts and my upper body strength has significantly diminished. This was definitely a workout that I needed!


Wednesday: Strength workout. I did this workout again… I am definitely a creature of habit;). I did not have any weights with me to use for this workout so I skipped the three dumbbell moves. I added 20 clamshells and 20 donkey kicks to give this strength session a little more length. Those clamshells seem so simple but were a real challenge for me, even with no resistance band! I will definitely continue to add those in on a regular basis.

NYC Marathon Training (1)

Thursday: 10 miles. This run was completed as two separate runs within an hour of each other. I ran both with my mom on the trail across the street from our rental house. The first 6 mile run was done when I woke up, and the second 4 miles was completed after saying goodbye to my fiance about an hour later. It was definitely challenging to make myself get back out there for the second half of the run – I sure was tempted to skip it:) I definitely was feeling lazy this morning, so we ended up with 10 miles total instead of 12. I could have done 12 but just could not find the motivation for those last two miles. I’m glad I got back out there and really glad that I got most of these miles completed before the weekend!


Friday: 4 miles. This was my last run in Cheboygan! I ran on the same trail, first thing in the morning. There was nothing too special about this run, which I’ll take as a good thing! The first time using this plan I remember being so surprised that the day immediately following a long run always had 4 miles on the schedule. I thought that I would suffer by not taking a rest day the day after, but it turned out to be just the opposite. The runs after a long run always feel little achy and stiff, but I’ve found that short, slow runs are the best way to help my body recover!


Saturday: Rest – I decided to take the weekend completely off and not feel guilty about it. I will be missing out on another 5 miles this week but since I started this training plan 20 weeks out from the race I’m not too worried about it. I am going to enjoy myself, indulge, and be present in the moment all week. Monday will be back to the old routine so I’m going to enjoy this time with friends while it’s here 😉

Sunday: Rest – ditto 🙂

With the completion of Week 3 comes my first cut back week in training. One reason I decided to use this particular training plan was because it has a built in cut back week every 4th week. The cut back week only has a long run mileage of 8 miles, after building up for 3 weeks, and I think my body responds really well to that. After this cut back week I will be just 16 weeks away from the race which means it’s time to get serious!

I love keeping a digital journal of all my training runs because it helps me realize how far I’ve come, even in just three weeks. Time sure does fly by when you are keeping track – I can’t believe we are about to start week four already.

I hope your Sunday is full of relaxation and stress free. Happy weekend!


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