Ten Things Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, friends! It is so nice to be back and settled at home again. Vacations sure are awesome, but they always remind me how much I love my routines. After a week or so with no routine I started to feel unsettled and anxious, feeling like I should be getting something done. I took yesterday to get back in the groove and make sure everything was unpacked and now we are good to go.

Since I feel like my life is currently just a jumbled series of random moments, I thought I’d share the ten most recent happenings.

  1. Yesterday was supposed to be a run day, but I woke up early in the morning to some intense storms! I don’t normally let rain stop me from running, but there was some crazy loud thunder and lightening happening pretty much all day. I decided to do the strength workout I had planned for Tuesday to start the week. So much for being able to follow my training plan without adjustments this week 😉 gotta love how life happens.IMG_9541
  2. We picked up our marriage license yesterday! We are officially allowed to get married in the state of Michigan. One step closer to the big day (only 25 days to go!!)IMG_9543
  3. The Bachelorette party this weekend was a success! I think I ate more sugar this past weekend than all of June combined, but hey – it’s worth it. My friends had the room full of candy, smores, and ice cream before I even got there. It was the best!img_9530.jpg
  4. We are slowly getting back into the swing of things here with meals and healthy food. Yesterday my fiance cooked a steak for dinner that looked picture perfect. I love how much he is loving to cook 😉IMG_8876
  5. I got new running shoes a week ago, but forgot to switch my Orthodic inserts over to them before we left for vacation. Since I only brought my new pair of shoes, I spent the past 10 days running without my Orthodics for the first time in about 5 years. Now I feel like I have a golf ball in my left foot! Every time I step I feel it in the ball of my foot, interestingly only when I walk barefoot though. My mom says this happened to her and she got new shoes which fixed it immediately. I am hoping this is the same thing, and happened because I switched something in my shoes and ran quite a bit like that. It is so crazy how quickly our bodies can react to a change, and just goes to show how important it is to have quality running shoes that fit correctly!IMG_9210
  6. I love my GoPro because you can’t see the pictures when you’re taking them, so you always get a surprise when they are downloaded. Found this gem from a few weeks ago:)DCIM100GOPRO
  7. We got a new grill from our wedding shower (last month, lol) and FINALLY have it up with utensils and all! We plan to grill out for the first time ever at our very own house tonight! Nothing says summer like eating burgers outside.IMG_8932
  8. Still falling hard for Halo Top. The chocolate flavor is one of my favorites so far. There’s nothing better than some reading and the best treat ever.IMG_8870
  9. Drove half an hour the other day just to go to Coldstone. I am obsessed with their Birthday Cake remix flavor and never get anything else! I ordered this when we got there and they made me a cupcake flavor instead with pieces of Kit Kat and no chocolate syrup. This was so disappointing! Nothing like heading out for one of your favorites and ending up with something you can’t even eat. It was a sad day indeed.IMG_8951
  10. Just one of my favorite dogs saying hi. I want a dog in the worst way and am desperately trying to convince my family to get us one as a wedding present. I’ll keep you posted 😉IMG_8952

I hope you all have a fabulous summer week with lots of sunshine and blue skies. (The weather forecast here looks like thunderstorms all week – yuck). Only 10 days until our wedding day is in the extended forecast!!

And only 25 days until I’ll stop talking about it, I promise 😉

Happy Tuesday!

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