Friday Favorites!

Happpppy Friday! This week is flying by so quickly, I can’t believe it’s Friday already! This has been a productive week for me and I love having so much time to get things done.  It has also been productive running-wise; I’ve been chugging along on my training plan and haven’t had to stress too much about moving workouts around or planning when I’ll e able to get a run in.

Here are some things I am loving this week.

I recently found a new obsession with this snack. My fiance jokes that I am taking the health out of a quality snack like yogurt, but I am looooving this combination! I look forward to it every morning at 10:00 am after my workout:)


On a similar note, FROZEN GRAPES ARE BACK. I love this summer snack. This is what I look forward to every afternoon at 3:00. No, I’m not predictable at all;)


My parents gave me a bike rack yesterday and I used it for the very first time! It was so much easier than putting down all the seats in my car, taking the wheel off my bike, and trying to shove it in the truck so it fits perfectly and I can close the trunk. I was skeptical that I’d be able to do it on my own but it was super easy! This is definitely the way to go, I’ve been missing out these past few years.


I finally got a day to do my favorite ab workout and it was definitely much harder than it used to be! It’s only been a month or so since I was completing it regularly, but man, you really lose some muscle in those four weeks off! I can’t wait to get back at it regularly and hopefully build those muscles back up to make me stronger when I run.


I got out the door for 4 miles at the perfect time yesterday morning! It was storming when I woke up so I figured I wouldn’t be able to run at all, but I looked at the radar and saw that there was an hour break in the rain later in the morning. I headed out the door as soon as it stopped and right when I turned back on my street at the end of the run I heard a big thunder boom and it started raining. Perfect timing.

This week I finally got more time to catch up on reading! I have been reading this book the past few weeks and am really getting into it now. The first few chapters were a little slow, but now it’s gotten really good. It’s definitely very addicting now, and a great summer read!


Wedding planning has taken over my life this week but I am so grateful to have this time to get everything done. We have band camp coming up shortly which will take an entire week of time, right before our wedding. I am trying to get all of the little details nailed down as early as possible to avoid and crises occurring while we are both busy. Fingers crossed this strategy works!


Today I am headed out for my ‘long run’ this week of 6 miles! This cut back week seems so silly since I’ve only been training for 3 weeks, but I know there is a method behind the plan and am going to trust it!

I hope your week has been a good one and you are ready to finish it out on a positive note. The weekend is soooo close!

Happy Friday 🙂

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