Week 4 Training Recap

Here we are again at the end of another week! It’s so hard to believe that I am 4 weeks into my training plan already.

Yesterday I booked my transportation and baggage option for the New York City Marathon! I now officially have hotel, flight, and race travel all situated. One of my close friends lives in New York City now, and we are going to meet up with her the day or two before the race. It will be so helpful to walk around the city with someone who really knows it!

This week was a very calm one in terms of things going on and trying to get runs in. We had pretty much every morning this week free, which made getting the workouts done so much nicer! The plan I am using has cut back weeks that scale down your mileage every four weeks, so with this being week 4 it was my first cut back week. I didn’t get very many miles in but am happy that I was able to complete all the workouts!

Here is how the week played out for me:

Monday: Strength workout. I hoped to follow my plan exactly this week, which called for a 4 mile run on Monday. However, I woke up early in the morning to a raging storm with thunder and lightening, and it still hadn’t calmed down by about 10 am, so I finally decided to switch my run days and do Tuesday’s workout instead. I did that same strength workout I’ve done the past few weeks (tried and true!) but added more clamshells and donkey kicks. Nothing about this workout is very challenging or makes me sore anymore, but I swear every time I do it regularly I don’t get injured and feel much stronger on my long runs! (Knock on wood;)


Tuesday: 4 miles. This was the run I was supposed to do on Monday! It was suuuper humid outside for this run. I was so surprised when I walked out the door. It was very cloudy which was awesome, because it was in the high 80s with 96% humidity when I left which sure made me feel sluggish. There was nothing too special about this run – I ran my normal route in my neighborhood. Nothing hurt, but nothing felt spectacularly awesome. I wasn’t very motivated to get out there but as soon as I started running I was glad I did!


Wednesday: 4 mile tempo. When I say tempo run, I mean a very loose version of what others consider to be a “tempo” run. Basically I pushed myself a little harder than usual for this run, but never felt like I was breathing really hard or uncomfortable (aka I could have done more, I was just lazy;). I got my pace back up to what it used to be before I slowed down in the heat, which was nice! I will start getting serious about these speed workouts next week.


Thursday: Cross training – 30 minute ab workout. I did this workout for the first time in more than a month and it was definitely more challenging than usual! It’s crazy how quickly our bodies lose strength. I was pretty sore on Friday, but that at least let me know that I did something! I plan to try and incorporate this workout into my strength training workout, so I can get back to doing more cardio based cross training.


Friday: 4 miles. It finally stopped raining! I headed out the door at my normal time and was so surprised to find that it was much cooler and significantly less humid. Score! It was all great until the sun came out halfway through the run and I started sweating like crazy. There are some huge bunches of wildflowers out by the sides of the roads and I always look forward to them! I think I started to get my motivation back by Friday because it was much easier to head out the door for this run than the previous two. Always glad I did it though!

Saturday: Rest. My mom and I went to the east side of the state for one of my good friend’s bridal showers. She is getting married on September 8th, just about a month after I am, and she is one of my bridesmaids and I will be one of hers. It’s cool how things work out! I always enjoy meeting up with her because it’s so nice to have a friend who is going through wedding planning at the same time as you are. It makes me feel much better talking to her and realizing I am not the only one going crazy right about now! Seriously, how in the world do people plan their own weddings while they are working full time?!

Sunday: 6 miles. This was my “long run” for the week. Ha! I love it. I switched my long run day and rest day around because I knew we’d be leaving early for the shower on Saturday. I ran this in Grand Rapids with my mom on the trails. Gee, running on trails is so much nicer than the side of the road! The weather really held out for us and it was overcast this morning, which makes running in the summer so much easier. However it sure was HUMID! It wasn’t too bad overall, and I sure am glad to have a running buddy!

NYC Marathon Training (11)

Next week will be back at it with normal length runs. I am officially 16 weeks out from the race, which puts me at the point where all marathon training plans start. These first four weeks I haven’t been taking my runs too seriously because I know that I started my plan earlier than usual, but now I don’t have an excuse anymore. 16 weeks is a short time in marathon training! I am always amazed at how quickly the training season goes by!

I can’t believe we are halfway through July already! Here’s to week 5 of marathon training, the 3rd week in July, and less than three weeks until our wedding.

Happy running to all my friends doing their long runs today!

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  1. Some people say when you train too early for a marathon, the 16 week mark is where you really start to get into the training program. I guess, It has been the same for me and training for NYC.

    Are you taking the bus or the ferry to the start?

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