100th Blog Post!

As I was deciding what I to write about today, I logged into my account and discovered that I have written 99 posts so far, which would mark this as number 100. I’ve finally hit the triple digits!

I thought this was a sign, and decided to dedicate this post to some old favorites!

I started this blog back in November, after entertaining the idea in my mind for quite some time. I remember the first time I stumbled across someone’s blog online many years ago, and felt like I had hit a gold mine. I became an avid reader of that particular blog, and it wasn’t long until I discovered how many others there were out there. Since then, I have been a regular reader of countless blogs. I read them as part of my morning routine, and genuinely look forward to them each day.

After learning so many things and hearing about the awesome things that others were doing, I finally decided to test out the waters and start one myself. I look forward to write each day, and am so glad that I finally made myself start writing.

Here are some of my favorites posts:

My very first blog post ever. So funny to look back on it and read where I was in life just a few months ago! I can’t believe I thought my elbow problems were finished back then 😉

Runner's World Festival (58).jpg

2016 Wrap-Up post. Oh man I love the holidays, even just reading about them makes me smile. Christmas in July is quickly approaching!

Christmas Break (35).jpeg

Running goals for 2017. This is a good excuse for me to check myself… I am no where near that sub 2:00 half right now as I’m focusing on increasing my endurance. I’d better get planning for that one!

Lawton (39).JPG

The day I found out I got into the lottery for the TCS New York City Marathon!!


Running the Chicago Get Lucky Half. Not at all what I expected, and I think the coldest race I’ve ever run!

Chicago Get Lucky Half (3).jpg

Summer Bucket List – I love reading through these ideas because it reminds me of what all I still need to do this summer 🙂

Cherry Festival (7).jpg

Running the Gazelle Girl Half with my mom on such a beautiful spring day in my favorite city. This race made up for the ridiculous weather we experienced a few months earlier in Chicago!

Gazelle Girl Half (4).jpg

Staying Active in Michigan – I am such a huge fan of this state. I love living somewhere where I get to experience all four seasons with so many opportunities for exploring the outdoors. There are so many ways to stay active outside of just lifting weights or going to the gym!

This wouldn’t be a running blog without a post about our favorite holiday – Global Running Day!


Realizing just how much running has given me when my Timehop app told me that my first race was 5 years ago.


All the life wisdom I’ve gained from my mom throughout my life, as well as life wisdom from my dad 🙂

Father's Day (1)

Celebrating my birthday by thinking about 23 things I learned in my 23rd year of life. Many of them are some of the most important life lessons.

Grand Canyon Day 5 (76)

I still can’t believe I actually woke up at 4:30 for two whole months. I can barely make it out of bed when my alarm goes off at 7 now, AND it’s light outside then! This definitely gives me motivation and helps me realize that I really don’t have any excuses.

Lawton (91).JPG

Still one of my favorite posts that’s not even specifically related to running, but instead talks about gratitude. I remember being so overwhelmed this weekend and not knowing how to express my thanks to such selfless people. We really are surrounded by great people every day, and sometimes we forget to even notice.

Wedding (50)

I know this is a big long list, but I just couldn’t narrow it down anymore! One thing I am loving about blogging is having a pretty much digital journal, where I can look back on different things that have happened in life. Even just 8 months ago, life looked different.

I am headed downstairs to do another strength workout for week 5 of marathon training. Time sure needs to slow down! I guess I won’t complain while I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of our wedding day, but it sure does seem like summer is flying by.

I hope you’re able to soak up all of the good moments today! Happy 100th post 🙂


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