Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday! It seems that Thursdays are the day of the week when I am always the most boring.. I always run out of things to write about by Thursday, and of course Thursday is the only day of the week that doesn’t have some creative, generic title to go along with it.

My phone is currently filled with a bunch of randomness, so I thought I’d share some of that randomness with you today.

We FINALLY tested our grill out for the first time! We (when I say we, I pretty much mean that I did work at my desk upstairs while my fiance grilled) made some tasty chicken sandwiches! My fiance tried a new recipe for some sauce to put on the sandwich that consisted of mayo, vinegar and seasonings, and it turned out perfectly! We have a patio table but no chairs, so that’s definitely next on our list to buy so we can enjoy our dinner outside before this summer weather ends.

Yesterday night my fiance decided to cook an entire chicken for just the two of us! It was so funny to see a bird coming out of the oven on a regular Wednesday night, but it sure was good! I definitely did not get the cooking gene in our family.


We (this time by we I actually mean just myself;) have been going crazy with wedding planning! We pretty much have all of the big things set to go now, but with 16 days to go we are swamped with all of the little details. Next week is band camp week, which means we will both be busy all day Monday through Friday, so I am desperately trying to get as much done this week as I can. We got our hotel welcome bags all together and finally finished up seating arrangements and our name cards!

I went to one of my best friend’s bridal showers on Saturday and it was so cute! The shower was outdoors and the weather was perfect. The theme was a “Champagne Bridal Brunch”, and I won a bottle of champagne and some napkins for getting the most questions right on the game where you have to guess who is more likely to do something – the bride or groom.

We used that champagne yesterday afternoon to celebrate one year of being engaged! Last year on July 19th, my fiance proposed to me when we got the keys to our new-to-us house that we would be moving into the following week. We went to the house to spend the day cleaning before we’d be moving in, and he brought a picnic for us to eat inside on the living room floor. We had a picnic and some champagne yesterday to celebrate! It’s crazy to think that we’ve been engaged for a year already, and in 16 days we will become husband and wife.


With band camp and the wedding approaching ridiculously quickly, we’ve been trying to make a point of taking a break and not letting ourselves get too stressed out about it. I’ve found that I am much more productive if I work for set periods of time and take breaks throughout the day, rather than just trying to get it all done in one big time period. We went to see the movie “The Big Sick” and both really enjoyed it! It wasn’t at all the type of movie that I was expecting but I got pretty into it within the first few minutes.


I got my first ever spray tan on Tuesday and was so nervous! I do not tan well naturally and have all these crazy tan lines from running, so I thought I’d try it out to see if it’s an option before our wedding. I had my trial on Tuesday and absolutely loved it! The woman who did mine made me feel so comfortable, and it was much faster than I expected. It only took about five minutes, and felt like she was just spraying water mist on me! I will definitely be back before our wedding.


This week started out with a run on Monday, and I was surprised by how cool and not humid it was! I even felt a little chilly right at the beginning of the run.


Then yesterday I headed out for a run and it was like the weather was playing a cruel joke on me. It was soooo hot! I think this was the hottest run I’ve had this summer. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with summer running.


Hopefully you are not experiencing this crazy heat wave! I really can’t complain too much though, because the reason I always end up running in the heat is because I’m too lazy to get up before the sun to run when it’s cool 😉

Oh well, there is something about a good sweat session that always makes me feel prepared for the day. Today I am going to run my long run of 12 miles because this weekend will be booked with a birthday celebration! Fingers crossed that the thunderstorms we are supposed to get for the day hold off until this afternoon.

If you made it through my Thursday rambles, I sure am impressed! I hope you have a fantastic day!


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