Week 5 Training Recap

How have 5 weeks gone by since NYC Marathon training started?! I can’t believe I am already a quarter of the way through my 20 weeks training plan.

This week started out great with my workouts getting completed right as planned, but I stumbled a little on Thursday with some serious motivation loss. All in all, it was a pretty decent week and I was able to get all my miles in, but not without a little bit of fanagling.

Here’s how this training week played out for me:

Monday: 4 miles. This run was done on my normal route at my normal time, but it was so much cooler than usual! It was in the 60s when I ran and I LOVED it. I felt pretty good on this run and had no complaints! I wish every run could be done in this weather.

Tuesday: Strength workout. I completed my usual strength workout today and forgot to add my clamshells in. I had an appointment in the morning so I was in a huge rush to get this done and ran out of time to do my dumbbell exercises. I left the dumbbells out and told myself I’d finish off the exercises in the evening when I got back, but of course that never happened 😉

Wednesday: 5 miles. This was supposed to be a tempo run but that definitely didn’t happen! It was hot and SUPER humid outside, so I felt like I was doing everything I could just to run and not walk. Aside from feeling sluggish, my body felt great for the run.

Thursday: Cross train – IronStrength. I LOVE this workout and it had been so long since I’d done it! I felt stronger than I used to when I would do the workout last year. It took me all day to get motivated, but once I did I sure was glad that I completed this.

Friday: 6 miles. I had planned to do my long run of 12 miles today before heading up to Grand Rapids to complete some errands for our wedding, but found out that our errands would need to be done before noon so I wouldn’t have time to run the full distance. I decided to split the 12 miles in half and run the next half on Saturday. It probably doesn’t count as much, but at least I can say my weekly mileage was completed. I planned to run my usual route but found out they are doing construction and the road is closed, so this run was all over the place! I ran two hours earlier than usual though so it was much cooler and very foggy.

Saturday: 6 miles. I finished up the second half of my long run today. We stayed at my fiancé’s parent’s house Friday night to celebrate his sister’s 21st birthday, so I ran on a trail by there house. We went out at midnight the night before so this run was really sluggish, but overall not bad. I talked to my mom on the phone the whole time which made the run fly by!

Sunday: Rest. We’re spending the day traveling back to the west side of the state and preparing for the upcoming week!

This upcoming week is band camp for us, which will create a serious obstacle when trying to get these runs done. Our camp is being held away from the school this year, which means that we’ll all be staying overnight. The day starts at 7 am and ends at 11 pm, so getting workouts done will be pretty much impossible. When camp is over, we will be into the last weekend before our wedding (!!!!!). So I am going to head into this week with low expectations, knowing that one week of lower mileage will not run my race in 15 weeks. We’ll see how it goes 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday filled with relaxation, family, and ice cream!

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