When “You Don’t Have Time”

The days and weeks have been so busy lately that the summer is just flying by. We are past that halfway point in the summer already! This week is band camp week for our high school students, and I am trying to balance wedding planning, marathon training, job changes, and being the woodwind staff for the band camp this week.

It has been, and still is, overwhelming trying to plan out when everything is going to get done! I’ve been experiencing some incredibly stressful moments trying to decide what is most important and when to get everything done, but then these times are quickly replaced by overwhelming excitement by the fact that our wedding is now just 11 days away! I am grateful for band camp this week because it will make the days go by that much faster.

Tips for Fitting in Your Workouts on a Time Crunch

These busy days are the times when I am always tempted to skip my runs or workouts because I “can’t find time” to fit them in. I put it off and lose motivation while doing so, until I finally hunker down and put my shoes on and force myself out the door. I may struggle for the first 5 or 10 minutes of the run, but I always come back feeling better about myself and much more level headed.

Yesterday was a short day for me at band camp because I had to leave early to teach a flute lesson to a student I have had throughout this past year. I left midday for the lesson, and returned home much earlier than I will get home the rest of this week. I told myself the entire car ride home that I was going to change into my running clothes and head out for the run as soon as I got there, because I knew once I sat down on the couch my motivation would quickly leave me.

Did that happen? Haha…. nope.

Sure, I did change into my running clothes as soon as I got home. But then I plopped on the couch. It took me a full two hours to motivate myself to run, and by the time I did it was well into dinner time!

Lawton (136)

It is always the weeks like these when I am constantly reevaluating my priorities in my head, and deciding if it would be better to cut myself a break and make my peace with the fact that I am going to miss most of my training miles, or if I am just being lazy and need to hunker down and find the time.

My excuse is always that “there is no time” or “I can’t do my runs at this place”. It is always when I am telling myself these excuses that I stumble upon someone else’s blog about how they wake up and run before going to work each day for the entire year. Those moments are always a welcome reminder that there is always a way – it’s just whether or not it’s important enough to you to make it happen.


This past month has been a stressful (but in a good way!) one. There is a ton to get done before the wedding next weekend and quite a few times I have found myself feeling guilty for planning to take 2 hours out of the day to be by myself. But you know what? It always helps. I think I get more done by taking two hours to run than I do without running and having those two extra hours in the day.

I plan to keep recording those post run highs in my training journal so I have something to read through each time I think I don’t have time, or a workout is not worth it that day. Running keeps me sane, and throughout this whole crazy summer it has been the one thing motivating me to be the best that I can be for our wedding.

Cheers to running, and not sacrificing your time!

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