Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends! This week is moving quickly, something for which I am very grateful. We are officially 10 DAYS away from our wedding as of today! Tomorrow we will be in the single digits.

With band camp this week and the days being so jam packed, I feel like I haven’t had time to be fully excited and really realize just out close our wedding is. I’m sure it will start to hit this weekend when we reach the one week mark, along with all the last minute stress!


I thought I’d share some wedding happenings today since we are getting so close, and it is consuming so much of our days lately.

Last minute detail planning is in full swing this week! We are to the point where we have everything booked, and now just need to get all the little details nailed down. I am so worried that we are going to overlook something and wind up paying for it on the wedding day!


This past week we solidified our guest count and seating chart. Man, I definitely did not think it would be so much of a puzzle to create a seating chart! It’s challenging to place people because we want certain tables to be by each other, and don’t want to offend anybody by putting them in the back.

Along with our seating chart, we finalized our place cards for the guests. We decided to make them ourselves so it took quite a bit of time, but we finally got it done! We will be having 210 guests, so it took a little while to write all of their names.


I decided to created a breakdown of our to do list on my own. It was overwhelming for me to see just one big list of all the tasks that needed to be completed, so I made my own table for the last three weeks and split the tasks up into what I wanted to get done each week.


Last week we wrote letters to each member of our bridal party and each other so we could give them a nice note on the morning of our wedding. We wrapped the gifts for everyone and have them all set to distribute.

We spent a bunch of time organizing all of our supplies and decorations, and finally have them sorted and labeled in different boxes so we know what will go where!


I got my first ever spray tan last week to decide if it was something I wanted to do for the wedding. I loved it! I am still seeing a little bit of the leftover tan today, even a full 8 days afterward. I thought the tan had faded completely, but an old burn on my leg just started to peel and revealed what color my skin actually is… I never realized how pale I was 😉

We dropped off our documents at the church where we will be getting married, and dropped off our pictures for the table centerpieces with our decorator last week.

Half Marathon2

I think things are really starting to fall in place! This week my big job is to check in and confirm details with all of our vendors, and then finalize the timeline for the day of so I can assign jobs to different people and share the document with them. I love planning so this job has been especially enjoyable, but also much more difficult than I expected!

We have 2 days of band camp to go, and then we will be just 7 days away from our big day. I have never been so excited for something in my life, and am so ready for the day to be here!


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