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HAPPY FRIDAY!! While on summer vacation I haven’t been as excited for weekend (because let’s face it, every day is like a weekend), but this week I have been looking forward to it a bunch. We made it, the last weekday before the weekend!

To celebrate Friday, I wanted to share some of my favorites that have been getting me through the busy past few days.

I finally ran long enough to bring something to eat on the run, and got to break out my favorite running waffles! I love these things and look forward to eating them each long run. They really give me just what I need to keep going – carbs & sugar, with none of the extra fancy stuff.


We found two new flavors of Halo Top at our grocery store! It is like Christmas morning bringing these things home. I love trying all the flavors and am constantly surprised by how much the ice cream actually tastes like the flavor. I tried the Oatmeal Cookie flavor and it tasted EXACTLY like an oatmeal cookie! I haven’t tried the Cherry flavor yet, but that is on the agenda for this weekend.


With just a week left to go, we are down to the final details of wedding planning (i.e., creating the schedule) and this is what I LOVE. I am all about schedules and when I get the opportunity to create one that so many others will have to follow it is just that much more exciting 😉


My fiance’s sister is senior in college majoring in graphic design, and she is creating the signs for our wedding. I just got a picture of one of them from her and am absolutely loving it! She is so creative and I sure wish I had gotten that talent.


Speaking of his sister, we celebrated her 21st birthday this past weekend and some old photos were brought out. I just love this one of my fiance when he was a child. If only he were still that handsome 😉 I kid, I kid.


I just recently finished my book and am currently book-less! I will be shopping for a book to bring on our honeymoon this weekend, but until then, I’ll settle for some Runner’s World reading.


This week has been cloudy at all the right times! It’s been cloudy while the kids are marching during band camp, and also cloudy during my runs. Those clouds sure help the heat feel less miserable.


I’m off to finish out this week on a high note, and then celebrate the last weekend before our wedding! Have a fantastic Friday!!

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