Good morning and happy Saturday! I can’t even begin to tell you how great this day feels. Not only is it the day after a week of band camp, but it is exactly ONE WEEK away from our wedding! Only 7 days to go. I can’t wait to get back to full time wedding planning this week and invest some time in our upcoming marriage.

I have a few confessions for you on this lazy Saturday…

  • I didn’t have a post planned for today. Weekends are my favorite times to write because there is usually more going on and more time to enjoy it! I planned to get one written yesterday but by the time I got home from camp I just felt way too lazy and gave up that hope.
  • My legs are more tired from a day of band camp then from my 14 mile run. My feet and legs just ache after one day of standing!
  • On that note, back on Monday I went to camp at 7am, helped with marching and then taught sectionals for 4 hours. After leaving that day my watch said I had 18,000 steps. I was pumped that I got so many steps in until I realized that when I wave my arms to conduct my watch thinks I’m running. So all the steps I was getting during the four hour sectional were from conducting and I probably actually only got about half that amount… oops!
  • Despite that, I am still taking a full rest day today! I will have to complete my five miles tomorrow instead of today. My body and mind is way too lazy today to motivate myself to get out there!
  • Now that our wedding is getting ridiculously close it is starting to dawn on me that in one week I will no longer have the excitement and anticipation to look forward to! What on earth will I do for ten hours a day?!
  • I put sunblock on when we were outside this week but forgot that my tshirt had a vneck yesterday so I got a nice burn on my chest. That will look interesting with a wedding dress…
  • I ate dinner two times yesterday. I keep telling myself that I am going to eat healthier in the days leading up to our wedding, but the pizza won yesterday. Spaghetti at 4:30 and pizza at 9 was the way to go!

Now that I’ve realized just how lazy I’ve been this week it’s time to get things back in shape for the wedding! Only 6 days left to sleep a lot, drink a bunch of water, get my training runs done and eat some veggies before the wedding!

Happy running to all of you completing your long runs today! The weather here is absolutely beautiful and I sure hope you get to enjoy it too!!

Have a great Saturday!

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