Marathon Training Week 6 Recap

Happy Sunday!! There is something about Sunday’s that make me feel relaxed and peaceful.

The end of another week brings the completion of NYC Marathon Training, week 6 already! How in the world have 6 weeks of running gone by? I don’t even feel like we’ve been into summer for 6 weeks yet. Time sure is flying – we are just 14 weeks out from the TCS NYC Marathon!

This week was a little bit of a mess because it was band camp week for our school, and I worked as a staff member. The kids actually went away for the camp for the first time in school history, which made running and working out even more difficult.

Here’s how week 6 played out for me:

Monday: 4 miles & strength training. I only worked the first half of camp this week so I was able to leave midday and run around 4 when I got home. Since I’ve been running first thing in the morning this summer it was ridiculously hard to get motivated when I got home! I don’t know how I managed to do this for a full year after teaching all day. Once I got out there I felt much better and was so glad I did it! I felt super motivated afterwards and completed my 45 minute strength training workout too because I knew I wouldn’t have time later in the week. This workout is getting easier each week!

Tuesday: cross training – 6 miles of walking. I decided to count marching as cross training! We were outside doing basics, stretches, some running and other exercises for the majority of the day today and I was so surprised how tired I was by dinner! I was originally not planning on counting the day as cross training but when I got home I knew that I had been very active and didn’t feel guilty about it 😉

Wednesday: 14 miles. I didn’t teach at band camp today because I had an eye appointment out of town. I took advantage of this and drove to my parent’s house early in the morning so I could run on the trails by their house! I love these trails. I was so surprised by how good this run felt! I was mentally ready for it, even though it was the farthest I’ve run since last summer. It was humid but overcast, so the heat didn’t seem too bad until the last 3 miles when the sun came out. I taped my knee again but the tape fell off after 2 miles – this has never happened to me before! It seemed to hold up pretty well without it, and the recovery was very quick. I’m really happy with this run!

Thursday: 6 miles walking. I went to band camp at 6:30am and stayed the night on Thursday. By the end of the day I had almost ten miles of steps in, but am sure some of that was from conducting sectionals. Since I had absolutely no time to get a run in, I am going to count this distance as the 6 miles I was supposed to run! My legs sure were tired by the end of this day.

Friday: 5 miles walking. I spent the entire day at band camp again, but it ended a few hours earlier so I got just a little less steps in. I didn’t conduct sectionals at all so all the steps were real ones! I’m not counting this as a workout but thought I’d include it just to remind myself that it’s okay to miss a day of running:)

Saturday: rest! My favorite workout of the week 😉 took the morning off to sleep in and recover on the couch and did not feel one ounce of guilt.

Sunday: 5 miles. We went to my parent’s house again to bring a load of wedding stuff up and go to church, so I ran with my mom in the morning! My legs felt pretty decent after a tiring week and I am so happy with the way they have been recovering.

Although this week was kind of all over the place, I would consider it very successful! I’m so happy with how my long run went and how quickly and easily my body recovered. It was a more active week than usual and I was happy to be getting so much activity in before the wedding!

I hope your week is wrapping up nicely and you are getting to relax and enjoy the day. Happy Sunday!

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