Runs End, Running Doesn’t

Happy Thursday! This week has been a combination of stress and excitement on extreme levels. I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited as I have been this week.


At this point in my life – this specific week – running has become a necessity for me. While each day has gotten busier, skipping runs or morning workouts has not been an option for me. I’ve managed to stay on track with my training this week, which I am pretty proud of! This weekend and next week will be a major cut back for me, but it works out perfectly because next week is that built in cut back week in my training plan.

Starting on Saturday, I will only be running when it is convenient throughout the week. I know that is a silly statement to make during marathon training, but I have made my peace with it and am actually looking forward to this decision.


The plan is to get my final run of the week in tomorrow, and then take Saturday and Sunday fully off. Our wedding is on Saturday and hair and makeup starts bright and early at 7:00 am! Sunday we are taking off for our honeymoon at 6:45 am, so no chance of running or working out then either. We are going on a cruise for our honeymoon, so I definitely plan to take advantage of the track and gym on the ship, but am not going to stress myself out about it. The only runs on the training plan for next week are three 4 milers, and a 6 mile “long run”. I know that missing any or all of these runs definitely won’t make or break me!

While the runs may not be as frequent or involved these next few days, I am grateful for the runs that have gotten me to this point. 8 days away from heavy training and then I will jump back in with week 9 of the training plan!

I thought I’d share a little recap of this week so far since I won’t be able to on Sunday. This is how this past week played out for me as we get ready for our wedding:

Monday: 4 miles. I woke up feeling ridiculously motivated and ready to run earlier than usual! There is construction on the road where I normally run, so I had to take a little detour to get to my go to loop in the neighborhoods, but it all went smoothly. This run flew by! The humidity and temperature were both less than usual which was wonderful.

Tuesday: Strength workout. This was day 2 of feeling motivated in the morning! I completed my usual strength workout, but this time I used ankle weights for the leg lifts and could definitely tell the difference! I used to only do the leg lifts with weights and remember not even noticing them, so I think I’ve got a little work to do to get back to that 😉 I also did some leg extensions using an exercise ball and man oh man, did those work my hamstrings! My hamstrings are absolutely my weakest spot, and this was one of the best exercises I learned in physical therapy. I definitely need to add this in regularly! I also added a resistance band for the clamshells and thought it went really well. Even the weights were a little easier this week!


Wednesday: 7 miles with 4 x 800s. The motivation I had on Monday and Tuesday was definitely gone by this morning. I started this run a full hour later than usual and it was HOT! There was not a cloud in the sky either. This was my first true speed workout of the training season, and it definitely showed. I ran loops around my neighborhood because it is flat and easy for speed work. My goal for the 800s was 4:30 and I averaged 4:29, so I was pretty happy with that! Mentally I was just not ready for this run but I sure was happy to get it done.

Thursday: Rest. Today is the first day of the real pre-wedding festivities! I have a nail appointment in the morning up north where our wedding will take place, followed by a spray tan in the afternoon. In between we are picking up the dress, veil, tuxes, and rings, so the day is pretty packed. Since we have to drive an hour to get to my parent’s house in the morning, I decided to forgo the exercise and focus on enjoying every moment of the festivities.

Friday: 5 miles. I am hoping to get a run in the day before the wedding to calm my nerves and help de-stress. We will be staying at my parent’s house on Thursday night so I am looking forward to running with my mom on my favorite trails by their house!

Saturday & Sunday: Rest. We will be getting married!


There are certainly more rest days that normal in this week but I am so happy with what I got accomplished! Speed work is always something I dread so I am proud of myself for staying on track with the workouts I could do and not skipping it for an easier run.

My motto for this week and next is that “runs end, running doesn’t”. Just because I’m taking a week off doesn’t mean that I won’t get back ready to jump into action. I can’t wait to test out the track on our cruise ship and hopefully get some quality cross training in in the gym!

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Happy Thursday, friends!

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