Happy Friday, friends! The day is almost here… WE ARE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW! Tomorrow at 1:30 pm our ceremony begins, and the rest is history! It is so crazy to think that we have been engaged for more than a year now, and after patiently waiting (sort of;), we are just one day away.

Engagement Pictures 8-23-16 (22)

We leave for our honeymoon on Sunday at 6:45 am, so there is really no chance to recover from our wedding until we are on our cruise ship Sunday afternoon.

I debated trying to keep up with my posts this coming week to share some of the things we are doing, but decided against it. While I love blogging, I am excited to take a week off from pretty much everything and just relax and enjoy the time with my new husband. We bought a very limited wifi plan, so posting won’t even be an option if I become antsy.

Ludington 2013 (3)

I am so excited to take a week off the grid and celebrate what we just accomplished. I have truly found my soulmate and just can’t wait to start my life with him. I will be back next Monday, August 14th with updates from our wedding and honeymoon! I can’t wait to share all our adventures with you.

Have a phenomenal week – I hope this week is one of the best for you as well! Keep up that training and hard work, and enjoy every second of it.

Happy running, friends! See you in a week!



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