Tuesday Tangents

Good morning! Another week is well under way again. We have a week full of random tasks and events these next few days so my brain is all over the place!

I’ve been behind the times with all the eclipse madness. I didn’t fully realize what was going to be happening and when until two days before it was supposed to happen! I missed the memo on those eclipse glasses and then it was too late to get them. We actually have a post camp for the high school marching band this week and we were outside marching yesterday during the entire eclipse. Michigan only got about 80% coverage and it didn’t get nearly as dark as I expected! We were able to see the eclipse taking place quite a few times because the clouds covered it but we were able to see through them. It was pretty cool to see but I wish it would have gotten darker! Did anyone see the eclipse in a point of total coverage?!

We are now on week 6 of construction on my usual running route… ugh. I’ve been having to run a loop around our neighborhood before heading out down my usual way because I can’t run on that street. I really can’t wait until this is over!

Speaking of running, I set my phone in the middle of a trail to take a running selfie and right after I started the timer and got into position a biker flew by… oops! Gotta love all those awkward running moments 😉

I saw this in Runner’s World and am so curious what it’s like! I love using golf balls to roll out knots and would imagine that heat would make it even better. It’s very tempting to try!

I just finished my honeymoon book and started a new one and am loving it already! It’s about being present and less occupied with staying busy – I think about this when I run and how much it translates. Staying present in the moment of each run and not focusing on how much farther I have to go is definitely something I am working on.

We got a Coldstone gift card for our wedding and just spent it on a great date. Birthday Cake remix holds a special place in my heart 🙂

Hopefully everyone has a terrific Tuesday! It’s hard to believe next week is the last week of August already… where has the time gone?!

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