Silent Saturday

As we wake up on this glorious Saturday morning, I know that many folks are gearing up to head out (or have already headed out) for their weekly long runs. I have a bulletin board in my room that holds all of my favorite running pictures and running scenes. Sometimes when I am lacking motivation or have just lost the excitement to head out the door, I look through these pictures and they remind of all the joys I have gained through running.

Here are some of my favorite running scenes. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the have to mentality, or thinking we need to get it done but I love these pictures as a reminder of all the things we get to experience as runners.

IMG_9861IMG_9773IMG_9757Lawton (136)img_9682img_9215IMG_9545NYC Marathon Training (25)DCIM100GOPROCanton (22)img_4959cropped-running-8DCIM100GOPRORunning (4)IMG_8198DSC00389Chicago14Detroit Marathon (41)013 (3)img_8163Spring Break (3)fullsizerender-1cropped-running-15.jpgrunners-world-festival-23grand-rapidsrunning-11running-6running-1img_3172lawton-2

Happy running, friends!

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