Marathon Training, Week 10 Recap

Another week gone by already! With only one week to go in August it seems that fall is coming up much more quickly than I anticipated. As I get further into training, it is actually getting easier to keep up with my workouts. The workouts themselves are getting harder and longer, but I feel more motivated knowing that I am closer to the actual race and the long runs really matter now.

I feel better about sticking with my schedule these past few weeks, and got almost all of my miles in this week! The weather really cooperated by the end of the week and gave me a glimpse into what is to come – fall temperatures, we are ready for you!

Here’s how the week played out for me:

Monday: 4 miles. It was sooo hot and humid out for this run! There is still construction on my usual running route so I had to add extra loops around my neighborhood before heading out on my makeshift route. I can’t wait for this construction to be done. My body felt pretty good after the 14 miles I ran the previous Saturday, and other than feeling slow because of the heat it went really well!

Tuesday: Strength training. I stuck with my usual routine plus a few extra moves. The one good thing about doing the exact same thing every week is that I can tell when it starts to get easier and easier, and am able to monitor my progress. My arms still feel a little sore after the dumbbell moves, so I know there’s not much progress happening there 😉 all in all, this was a good workout.

Wednesday: Cross training. I did this 25 Minute HIIT Workout and it got me sweating like crazy! No move felt especially challenging, but I definitely was tempted to take quite a few more breaks than were actually necessary. The next day my calves were so sore! This workout really reminded me that I don’t do many (or any) calf exercises and might thing about incorporating them 😉

Thursday: 7 miles. I ran this in the afternoon instead of my usual morning time because we had a bunch of errands to run, and boy was it hard to get motivated! I’ve found that if I don’t do my workout first thing it is sooo hard for me to get moving. I finally convinced myself to get out there, and it really felt like fall! The temperature was a full 20 degrees cooler than my Monday morning run, and there was no humidity. It took me about 5 miles to get into the groove on this run… aka the first 5 miles were tough and the last 2 were good, haha!

Friday: 4 miles. I had to rearrange my workouts this week and wound up with 3 runs right in a row and knew my legs would be feeling tired. Turns out, I was right! My body responds best to a rest day in between runs and I knew that I’d be pushing it going into my long run this week. I was supposed to run 5 today but my right hip ached as soon as I got out there so I decided to cut it a mile short. I felt pretty slow on this one but overall  it wasn’t terrible.

Saturday: 16 miles. I drove to a local trail and met my mom there, where she biked the first 6 miles with me and ran the last ten. I was definitely happy to have her there, this was a tough run! The first 6 felt great but it went downhill after that. I walked many many times and definitely contemplated just stopping mid run, but I am so glad it’s done! I always tell myself at the end of long runs that I couldn’t run a single mile further, and that’s definitely how I felt this week. We’ll see how 18 goes next weekend! PS yes, I did wear the same shorts two days in a row 😉

Sunday: Rest!

I can’t believe I’ve been training for 10 weeks already! With less than three months to go until the TCS NYC Marathon, it’s really starting to feel real now! The runs are ramping up and I am slowly getting more and more excited.

I can’t wait to rest and relax the day away today! Hope you have a great Sunday!

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