August Favorites!

The last day of each month and the first day of the next are definitely my favorite posts to write! I love looking back through everything that happened during the past month, and giving myself the reality check of looking through the goals I set on the first day.

This month was truly a whirlwind, in the best way. It brought the most excitement I have ever experienced, the start of an amazing new chapter in my life, and a reality check as the end of summer approaches.

I loved this month more than any other month this year, and am sad that we are saying goodbye to our wedding month. However, the end of August brings a new start and change in season, which I am greatly looking forward to!

Here are some of my favorites from this month:

WE GOT MARRIED!! We started out the month in the best way I could ever imagine: getting married! After a year of waiting, planning, counting down, and anticipating, the day was finally here. And it was perfect! Our wedding day went off without a hitch and brought us a sense of gratitude far greater than anything I have ever experienced before. Weddings are amazing not just because they bring two people together and unite them in love and partnership, but also because they bring the closest family and friends together, from near and far, all in one place to celebrate the happiest of times.


We left bright and early the morning after our wedding to take off on our honeymoon. We visited three countries throughout the week: Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Mexico. This was a week that we will remember for the rest of our lives. It brought us closer together and gave us a chance to celebrate each other without the distractions of every day life. What an amazing way to celebrate our marriage.

After taking 9 days completely off from running and exercise for our honeymoon, I jumped back into marathon training. I was surprised how easy the transition was back to a routine of running or working out daily, and was so happy with my body’s ability to adapt. I could definitely tell that I hadn’t run in a while on those first few runs back, but my body and mind remembered exactly what to do and it didn’t take long until they were back in the swing of things.


After getting back in the swing of things I mixed things up each week with a few different workouts! I found that my hamstrings and hips lost the most strength during my break, so they were my focus right away. I used a few different HIIT moves to make sure I was getting that calorie burn in on my off days as well!

We saw (sort of) the eclipse! I didn’t really see it except for two times when it went behind the clouds, but it was almost more exciting just to hear everyone so excited about it and look at the pictures of totality. The eclipse just reminds us all how amazing the world really is!


This month I read two awesome books and am looking forward to continuing that streak in September! There is nothing that can take your mind away from the daily stresses of life more than a great book.


I thought deeply this month about why I run. When people ask me this question I always have an answer ready for them, and know exactly that these are the surface reasons that I keep doing it. It’s great for your health, it burns calories, you can eat more desserts, it boosts your self esteem… but when I am laying on the couch with no motivation to get out the door, those aren’t the true reasons I get up and go. Running has a special place in my heart and it’s so great to have a reminder of that every once and a while.


Most importantly, as the miles have increased this month, so has my ice cream intake. One of my favorite things about marathon training is the lack of guilt I feel when I indulge in my favorite food.


This month was wonderful, and it will be really hard to beat! I don’t think anything will ever be able to top our wedding and honeymoon, so we’ll just have to hold those memories tight and wait patiently for the arrival of our wedding photos.

Until then, I am excited for cooler temperatures and easier running! Fall is one of my favorite seasons and it always brings contentment and productivity.

Goodbye for now, August!



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