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Happy Saturday! Not only is it the first day of the weekend, but it’s the first day of a LONG weekend! Hopefully you all get to enjoy Labor Day away from work and relax on the last true holiday of the summer. I am excited to be changing gears to fall and am LOVING the cooler weather we’ve been having lately!


Thursday night was our students’ first home football game of the season. It was on a Thursday because they haven’t started school yet (I think they are one of the few schools left who are still starting after Labor Day and I really don’t mind it!). The band has been working hard on their show and the students are loving it because it combines music from Star Wars and Star Trek, which of course are very popular among the kids.

Dowagiac (8)

As I was filming their show, I got into a discussion with another staff member about Star Wars. I brought up the fact that I had never seen any of the Star Wars movies other than the most recent one, and didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. This shocked them quite a bit and they just couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that I disliked the Star Wars movies.

This gave me an idea to share some of my own opinions that are unpopular among the masses. There are quite a few things I like or dislike that always seem to surprise others, so I thought I’d share them with you today:)

  1. I dislike Star Wars – all of it! The music is great but other than that, I think the premise is corny and have never enjoyed any of the clips or scenes I’ve watched. I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything and just can’t understand what all the fuss is about!
  2. I LOVE the smell of skunk. This one always seems to puzzle people 😉 I really enjoy it for some reason, and have only met a few other people who do as well!
  3. I don’t have an Instagram and don’t think I need one. As someone in their mid twenties, I have yet to meet another person my age who is not a regular on Instagram. I think this is because I blog – I enjoy sharing multiple photos at a time:)
  4. I despise Game of Thrones! I hate watching people fight and just don’t understand what the obsession is about. My husband watches it on his phone with headphones because I really just can’t stand hearing it, haha.
  5. I hate tacos. My friends are always surprised! I really don’t like Mexican food and it seems to be such a big fad right now. Give me some carbs and bland tasting foods and I am all set;)
  6. I really dislike beer. I enjoy drinking wine and champagne, but not too much else besides that. I’ve heard that beer is an acquired taste and have tried my hardest to acquire it, but it’s just not happening. This has been especially unpopular opinion since I live in the beer scene that’s booming in West Michigan!
  7. I LOVE cottage cheese. Everybody that I share this with seems to think cottage cheese is gross and disgusting. This has been an obsession of mine for a long time and I don’t think I will ever stop loving it.
  8. Hot Chocolate is WAY better than coffee! It seems that everyone I meet thrives on coffee and just can’t live without it. My friends are constantly wanting to go to coffee shops every time we get together and I just don’t get it. There is nothing about that taste that seems appealing to me. Hot chocolate is the way to go, even in summer!
  9. Winter is way better than summer! I love the cold temps and snow that winter brings. People always joke about Michigan and how awful the winters are, but I love them. The cold makes every home feel so cozy, and there are so many things to do outdoors.
  10. I really don’t like shopping. This one has been a trick with my husband because he loves shopping! Occasionally I get in a shopping mood and can last for about half an hour, and then I start to get cranky and am done. I wish I could enjoy it, but I never have!
  11. I love running long distances! I think this one is a pretty even split. Of course I know so many people who love running and I love the community that it brings! But outside of the running community I seem to meet many people at work or through family that really despise running. They think it is hard work and boring – and they’re always the ones who haven’t even tried it 🙂

Bayshore Marathon (4)

Does anybody else feel the same way I do on some of these? I feel like I learn so much about someone just by hearing them explain their opinions about topics that are usually agreed upon. It’s so interesting to hear what strange things people like or dislike!

Well, Saturday means it’s long run day! I’m off for 18 miles – this is my longest run of the training cycle. Good luck to all the other runners out there who are heading out for their long runs this weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates and you are able to get some great miles in!

Happy weekend!!


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  1. Similar to you, I do not think that I have seen a single Star Wars movies. Whenever I tell people that they look at me like I have 10 heads. Also, I just don’t get Instagram.

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